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  1. Please don't eat the yellow snow, looks like the Met office are telling you as well now 😉
  2. Started in Hadley, smallish flakes but road has a sugar dusting over it
  3. Yeah, as it stands in North Telford there is no snow, (I'm an in Hadley) But people on Woodside and Madeley are reporting snow, so must be close!
  4. Our only hope now is for the pivot and that lump to the east lands smack bang over us. Bit far fetched I know.
  5. I am hoping you are right Andy, it just looks like the band is fizzing out right over us. My lad just wants to build a snowman ⛄
  6. My son saw the weather yesterday and got all excited, I told him the weather man is talking out his bum, when you wake up in the morning there will be no snow. Guess what.... lol!! Don't like been a pessimist but better that him waking up to this thinking we was going to get snow. Hate been right!
  7. You watch it split over the top of us then pivot!!!!
  8. Shock horror nothing in Telford, *sarcastic mode deactivated* not really surprised at all every 'events has been a bust around here!
  9. I am not getting hyped for any snow, missed all the showers today, some by mear miles. I fully expect Shropshire to produce rain or failing that produce a bubble where 90% of the midland see snow while Shropshire basks in the huge NO falling from the sky....
  10. I must live in the only place in Shropshire that has not seen snow! Madness! Roll on summer and the grey clouds! Yawn!
  11. Feel your pain, 7 miles down the road in Madeley they had a dusting of snow, yet here in Hadley nothing just cold rain! I though I was pretty elevated as well....
  12. Agree 100% there must be something geographic that causes it! It does happen time and time again. I is not that we are just unlucky. The clouds in summer you could bet you house on, clear skies in 90% of the uk, then this grey stubborn muck slap bang over Shropshire!
  13. Where are you because it is raining in Hadley?!
  14. Just a few grabs of the lightning. It is still flickering away! Some of the rumbles are getting louder again!
  15. Wow! The rain is biblical. The wind was so strong at one point I feared for the fences! Lightning is constant. No real booming thunder but epic non the less!
  16. Just wow! Flashes every second all over the sky! Pretty amazing!
  17. Sat in the back garden watching the lightshow from that storm over Wolverhampton. Can hear it rumbling away!
  18. I can see this from my front door in Haldly it is a beauty. Picture does not do it justice.
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