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  1. I managed to get a piccy, it was loverly surprise to see first thing in the morning.
  2. Unsure if this lot will reach us as it moves up? time will tell.
  3. First flakes just about to hit Hull as meter gets topped up
  4. Eyeballs glued to the street lights for first signs from 9pm onwards, maybe early but I DON'T CARE bring it on
  5. I presume this is a lake effect that we may see in the north sea this coming week! From Sat24.
  6. I'm no model in depth speculator but what a fascinating read you people contribute will it wont it, so hoping and still clutching at straws we may see some form of winterness to this winter before its too late. Maybe the GFS gives me some lightning in morning to ease the pressure. Del
  7. Looking at the rainband it sure looks like it could be sqaully as it ventures inland, hope so!
  8. Just about gone now but was cool to see for sure.
  9. Sure looks like an eye.......Sat24
  10. No comment, flop.....................but i did hear thunder so not totally Chin up.
  11. Already done two time-lapse today, now just waiting biting nails hoping to catch my first proper storm this season later tonight. Good luck if your in the path or chasing.
  12. No access to free charts........................
  13. Just nabbed two bolts as the squall line neared, wasn't epic but it was nice to see all the same and to also dust off the lightning trigger to see if the old girl still works.
  14. It's a bloody night shift watching this lot...need sleep for an hour.........or so
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