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  1. I believe so but would that include public service pensions?
  2. I live in an area where most people are 55 plus and we are either receiving or shortly to receive our pension and in 40% of cases a public service pension (I have just applied for early retirement being 58 and worried that post independence my job would move south). We've worked hard all our lives to buy our homes and look after our families and are looking forward rightly or wrongly for a little me time. What we don't have is time to change our finances. Having discussed independence at length with people around me I have reached the conclusion that if we are honest with ourselves most of us
  3. Yes we saw the real issues come to the fore alright with Darling giving a strong performance and Salmond lagging someway behind. Rather than the media and England spinning it how they want the yes camp must be almost out of wool this morning.
  4. This is only my second post but I had to comment as I so understand where your coming from, I also hate summer and the long days that go with it. I know the sunrise and sunset times by heart and the longing I feel for autumn is almost all consuming. I know that very few people feel the way I do but heaven for me is December with a sunset at 15:45. I walk 10 miles every day with my Collie and a cold dark day in winter trumps a hot day in July every time.
  5. It seams to me that its independence at all costs for most on this forum with anything said against it ridiculed or given a positive spin to support the SNP's views. You talk about culture but the economic argument is falling apart and will continue to do so, no one will care about culture and high ideals when their wallets are empty. Where I work at least 500 people stand to loose their jobs should the vote go against the union. My vote will be the same as my friends and family and many more people around the country, a big fat NO. Anyway I've said my bit so won't post again as I'm sure th
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