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  1. I've met a lot of cloned cows

  2. Another day of lovely average weather - very comfy :-)

  3. Have the English school holidays started yet?

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      I finished in May ;D

    2. shuggee


      Cheers boys :-)

    3. coldfingers


      yes, time to hibernate for 6 weeks.

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  4. Brightened up coinsiderably here now - and it's still humidly warm.

  5. Roast tatties cooked beside a beef joint are simply the best.

    1. MAF


      i hope you had horseradish with the gravy too

  6. Nights are fair drawing-in ;-)

  7. Gusty wind and heavy rain - lovely ;-)

  8. Windy windy!

  9. It's windy here - enough to have blown down my collection of 'welcome to your new home' cards. Tsk

  10. Enjoying making the climate area more welcoming and less bickery :-)

  11. Heavy rain now - soooooo nice :-)

  12. A beautiful moon tonight

  13. Big spots of rain for 10 minutes - where did that come from?!

    1. Paul
    2. Backtrack


      Sorry, i will aim for the toilet next time. :(

  14. Developing into a summer to remember up here...

  15. What sort of problems are you having duckeyh?
  16. Worth posting the link to these sites for reference http://www.landscheidt.info/?q=node/50 http://www.geomag.bgs.ac.uk/education/current_activity.html
  17. Brilliant - I thought you were a rock God for a moment there! (your profile page is still showing the blue sun thingy)
  18. I think I can see you James - red jacket? Do a forced cache clear - ctrl+F5
  19. Manage Ignored Users Here you can manage your Ignored users in the drop down menu top right by your member name. You can choose to ignore all posts from a member, block them from sending you personal messages, or both. To add a member to your Ignored list, type their name into the "Member's Name" box. As you type, suggestions will appear below the box. When you see the name of the member you want to add, click on it. Then select either or both of the checkboxes below. Selecting "Ignore Personal Conversations" will mean they cannot send you messages and their messages in group conversations will be hidden, while "Ignore posts" will hide their posts in the forums. When you are ready, click Save Changes. Some members, such as administrators, cannot be Ignored. If you wish to stop ignoring a member, select "Remove" in the table, or to switch on or off the different types of ignoring, click the relevant link under the "Ignore Posts" or "Ignore Messages" columns
  20. Have let Paul know RRR - data issues no doubt Weird - you tried uploading it again?
  21. I can see them winterman they are under your name on the left
  22. Yeah it's the new board's only ignore system. Odd how they have redesigned it - but we get there in the end! I can't use it of course - have to read everything..... :)
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