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  1. Slight covering at 6am and snow billowing down.  Puppy was not happy going outside to do business and cat ran in disgusted. Roads across western Borders black but at height by Skirling/Kirkdean it was a winter wonderland - I love frosted pine trees sprinkled in icing sugar :oldlaugh:

  2. 9 hours ago, NUT said:

    Some more really pretty heavy rain. Surprised we not flooded tbh been that wet this week

    Very heavy when it comes and it's been coming very often.

    Upper Tweed valley was flooded into many fields either side of the river valley on Tuesday after the storm and lots of snow melt. Quite a sight when there's standing water across hundreds of acres.

    Saturday forecast - snow all day, max 1C and accumulations of 13.5cm according to xc. We shall see...

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