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  1. Full moon and 91% cloud cover forecast for me for tomorrow night. Another golden opportunity looks set to be scuppered by the weather.

    I can but hope for a few breaks in the cloud but over the many years I've been watching aurora the rare occassions of extreme activity have been all too often spoilt by the Great British weather.

    Doen't look too promising for much of the Country... but good luck.

    Forecast cloud cover midnight Thursday/Friday 8/9 Met Office


    Any more detail from NW cloud cover forecast maps?

    Here you go kar - tomorrow night midnight:


  2. Yes it really confuses me too. I am the sort of person who wants to speak with knowledgable people to learn and gain information, I really struggle to understand why people in the circumstance I describe above wouldn't be the same. I love learning - and it is a genuine thrill to meet a very clever person. A good friend of mine once used the example of a race as a metaphor - would you choose to compete against the fastest runner you know, to push yourself and try to achieve something or would you choose to run against somebody you know you could beat? I am definitely of the former type.

    I think some people see it as a weakness, or perhaps they have a personality which means they always have to be the one who is right. More fool them I suppose. We've had characters post endlessly on this very forum in the past - who really should just sit back, take a deep breath and consider that maybe, just maybe, somebody else might know more than they think they do.

    But I digress, as George has been very ably pointing out throughout this thread in the last few days, the Monday/Tuesday peak of auroral activity really was special.

  3. If the RUK really, really wants the Union.Stop voting for the centre-right. Otherwise, let each to their own.

    I had a very odd conversation at work this afternoon with a [previously] fervent Unionist - who stated she would vote for independence for exactly that reason. It appears that Wendy Alexander's conspiracy theory may be coming true (in demanding a referendum a couple of years ago for exactly that reason - seeing a Tory UK Government on the horizon)...

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