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  1. 24 minutes ago, petewaugh said:

    Aye, just come back from Biggar and settling well there. Just beginning to lie properly here at Rachan, south of Broughton. Shuggee will be pleased.

    Aye Pete white over here now. Well pleased. Covering on the flagstones was the last to submit. Radar packed full so going to be an interesting event.

    Occasional cars on the A701 moving past slowly and gloopy/slushy noises abound...


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  2. 4 hours ago, Kirkcaldy Weather said:

    Very interesting I am surprised I managed a lower minimum than you, similar on the air frosts but slightly different on the rainfall, amazing the differences in a short distance between my location and yours, the winter was a strange one and arguably a forgettable one too apart from the record breaking warm temps late on.

    Some rain here overnight 2.5 mm  currently 10.2 C pressure 995.97 Falling Rapidly -1.59 hPa/hr 

    possibly something wintry later tomorrow for the likes of @mardatha and @shuggee courtesy of the northern edge of storm Freya  


    meanwhile @ghoneym gets a taste of winter in Texas! https://kztv10.com/weather/2019/02/28/powerful-cold-front-to-bring-winter-back-to-texas/ 26.jpg  ecmwf_T850_scus_4.thumb.png.daae2473178ca7c93edca4f65ee2b799.png gfs_T2m_scus_14.thumb.png.a59cbd83768fafe149a264ae473134ce.png 

    "Next week: Winter returns

    Behind the cold front, cold air will sweep over South Texas. Temperatures will be in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees, and it will feel like it is near freezing. Even on Tuesday, temperatures don’t change too much, so get the winter coat ready!"


    Well various models have my location getting 8-16cms from 19h00 tomorrow. I wonder if it'll be enough to squeeze my seasonal snow day count into double figures. I'm almost smelling anticipation...!

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Ruzzi said:

    Various models still throwing out interest for the western half of the central belt and south west Scotland Monday night through to Tuesday afternoon. Still difficult to call, definitely down to watching the radar I think.

    For the end of the week, very up in the air, corrections in all directions at the moment. 

    Couple more charts showing it is fair game anywhere across the country. Tues am particularly, looks tasty for the central belt including Glasgow city...

    viewimage (2).png

    viewimage (3).png

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