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  1. Anyone got an up-date on the reported passing of the solar minimum earlier in the year? I ask because it seems that there is still a dearth of any awakening signs of magnetic storms and sunspots - all quiet on the Sol front?
  2. View east. Angry sky. Various animal tracks. Mainly rabbits? View down the Tweed. Mr Red Robin. Fearless. Finally, the boy cat stretching out and frankly enjoying the warm intermittent sunshine. Found his spot!
  3. Gosh. A bit snowy.

  4. Ridiculous here. Like mid January. Like I'm complaining
  5. I've just looked at the radar. I was ignoring the reality. Clearly.
  6. Morning. Much the same in my neck of the woods. Light to moderate snow, grass nearly white. Cats spectacularly unimpressed. Heating racked-up so my tomato seeds germinate, and getting ready to go out to the local model rail exhibition!
  7. I'm not expecting anything other than maybe some flakes in the not insubstantial wind. Am I the only one completely playing this down in southern Scotland, or am I wilfully ignoring a Sunday dawn reality of 5 -10cm? @Hawesy @CatchMyDrift @mardatha ???!!!
  8. Howling sleety snow showers over the Beef Tub earlier. Went shopping to the wee independent garden centre in Moffat for some planters. Not that I'll be outside much until Monday!
  9. The Friday afternoon - Monday snow and cold potential seems to be increasing rather than the traditional down-grading... Just an innocent comment on a Tuesday morning.
  10. Shurely that should be "shovel 'em"?! No desire for more here, although making 40 snow days would be cute.
  11. Today's graft: Tomatoes x 4 varieties sown Leeks sown Six sets of bulbs planted in earthenware tubs Herbs x 3 varieties sown Cottage doors wide open, cats in and out. Spring!
  12. This time last week I was having a wee drinkies and got a bit giddy.... Using the mop I chopped down icicles from the back of the cottage, planted them in the snow and requisitioned the pizza cutter for a starring role, to discover an icy new world:
  13. One of those milky skies this evening, where we see sundogs and other phenomena. Lovely to see over the white fields.
  14. Today's shuggee pleasantness rating is 156.9
  15. Roads round here much the same Catch. Couple of spots on my commute still piled higher than the car for tens of metres. Fields streaky/patchy but high hills still white.
  16. 8cm here since I peeped out of the kitchen window at 5.45am.C Snow day 37
  17. 6-10cm forecast over the Borders tomorrow? I've no energy left to check. It's like walking across dunes in the Sahara out there! And here's Wet Her Spoons in Peebles for no reason:
  18. Just reading about the 50 guests stranded for their fourth day at award winning Five Star Resort Hotel Stobo Castle just down the road from me. 27 staff stranded helping the guests out. Hope they cope
  19. Drying up over the Borders now. Flakes in the wind here, but nothing to get excited about. The wind-sculpting of snow dunes is something to behold!
  20. Walk past nonchalantly wearing a red scarf! You'll be a hit on Misreporting Scotland
  21. Icicles - must think about better insulation! And then it's measurement time. @Hawesy absolutely spot on: 25cm flat lawn, drifts at the sides 40+cms Happy shuggee
  22. Here's what a Red Alert for snow looks like:


    1. shuggee


      Push the diagonal arrow top right!

  23. I've moved onto the laptop to just record this for prosperity - this is what a Red Alert is for: