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  1. Max of 0.8°C today after a -5.6°C frost. Anyone want to pay my heating bill?!

  2. Tenth air frost at -5.6C. Coldest night for me since winter 2017/18. Was thick thick fog until dawn - so everything covered in ice. Quick walk around the garden to feed the chickens at 10am and still -3.1C:
  3. Incredibly foggy morning up here at 2.1C. No frost. A quiet week ahead so maybe more on the way.
  4. Oooof. At 0.1C this morning I cannot claim the tenth air frost. Grrrr. Dry and clear at 7am and a beautiful drive in below the Pentlands as others above have reported. Traffic not so beautiful at the moment.
  5. shuggee


    Stunning photo.
  6. Ninth air frost at -2.9C. With all this cold around, surely it's only a matter time that many of us see something white and fluffy?! (Jealous of our Aberdeenshire/Moray/Highland pals).
  7. Rainy sleet. Temp forecast of 0°C actual is 2.7/1°C.
  8. Ninth air frost at -1.8°C. Was snowing when I went to bed at 0.5/-2°C but simply made surfaces wet. Above 300m this morning there's a dusting. Snow/sleet/rain later. Who knows.
  9. Eighth air frost at -3.6°C. I think because it's been cool or cold now for a while, it's really got into the bricks - heating takes a while to have an effect!
  10. Kiln dried is the fastest hottest burner i find. Good for a quick heat boost. Peat is good. Smells amazing. 4.1/2°C
  11. Splats of sleet this evening. Saturday's snow fest appears to have drifted south? Cold.
  12. What a disgusting evening. Coal fire lit!
  13. Looks like the heavy machinery has already visited! Lashing down in the wee small hours. Was weirdly nice to hear - been at least a week!
  14. Seventh air frost at -2.4C in the garden and -4 in the car through Blyth Bridge. Thickest fog I've seen for quite a long time.
  15. Dare I say it Catch - the one on the telly
  16. Well this morning's forecast for Lothian/Borders is a bust. Persistent and widespread rain and at 1.5C on the hills, disappointing it is isn't a further six weeks into the season....
  17. Sixth air frost overnight at -3.6°C. Journey to work included a car reading of -6°C Dog walk as the sun set:
  18. Ting ting That's the bell ringing announcing the season underway! Great photies. Fifth air frost at -0.1°C. Oooof. Rain on here now. 4.2°C. Darkness falling.
  19. I'll just pop this one here - becoming quite consistent over last five runs...
  20. Fourth air frost - scrape scrape. -3C on the car thermometer by Blyth Bridge. End of week may be interesting....?! In Biggar yesterday for the Biggar Little Festival - trip to the gasworks. Loved it.
  21. Sideways rain and blowing a hoolie here - very gusty indeed. Any wind orientated straight northerly or southerly get amplified in the valley here and suddenly it's freakishly noisy and the trees bend sidewaysie. Urgh.
  22. Apologies for quoting my own post, but this morning was rinse and repeat except it was -3.5C passing the same spot at the same time.
  23. -3C up above Skirling/Broughton this morning. Modest -1.3C at home. Scrape scrape scrape.
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