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  1. Hey, my 33cms needs a top-up!
  2. Latest radar has it 200 miles west over NI and as far north as the central belt. And it's 'growing' ENE. It also appears to be 2 hours ahead of modelling, so who knows!
  3. I think the A701 is back open now over the Devil's Beeftubs - not very often that that gets blocked and Moffat gets cut off from the north. Two gritters in convoy went passed at around 10am here - followed by a convoy of a dozen cars and trucks.
  4. 33cm, 13 inches. Not bad Was wild most of the night, and the thundersnow was stunning - the lightning was so blue.
  5. Just had a snowball fight on the deserted A road. Knackered!
  6. Thundersnow! A first for me :D:cold:

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    2. lassie23


      has it stopped, do you have a covering of snow yet?

    3. shuggee


      Got seven inches. Well proud :laugh:

    4. lassie23


      more than average:rofl:

  7. 2/3am apparently. But that's from the telly and not my forecast.
  8. Snow building up on the window sill against the double glazing. And I have a one foot plus drift by the coal bunker. Simply marvellous.
  9. Right! I phoned I to work from at home at 06:45. Soooo pleased i did - the main roads are skating rinks with cars crawling past, the few cars that are out that is. What a day.
  10. Is is settling? Just found out buses were taken off the Penicuik routes earlier.
  11. The next one, just over us at the moment is just as good Catch. Give it 45 minutes....
  12. We ain't going anywhere Pete! Here's the 'A' road:
  13. I've not seen snow this heavy for 7 years....
  14. If you switch to ppn type it clears the error. All a bit odd.
  15. Good 6cm here in Upper Tweeddale. More coming down - it's going to be piling up throughout today. Weds evening totals of 15+?
  16. Still very wet here too. Heavy shower has given a covering, but it's dripping from trees and melting. Baby steps to tomorrow's less marginal conditions.
  17. Same for me James. That soft tinkle of heavy snow hitting bushes and assorted garden bits n bobs. Lovely
  18. I'm about to get that one. Was driving home from Peebles through Drumelzier this afternoon and snow had settled already above 300m.
  19. Love it when Sean Batty uses the phrase, "snow piling-in".
  20. My prediction for upper tweeddale: Tues/Weds 15.6cm Storm 7cm and a period of sleet as she is overhead Fri-Sun 4.9cm Although the storm track is correcting south with every run...
  21. Anyone got an up-date on the reported passing of the solar minimum earlier in the year? I ask because it seems that there is still a dearth of any awakening signs of magnetic storms and sunspots - all quiet on the Sol front?
  22. Now, now - it's difficult for everyone when the mood goes south (literally ). Post away in MOD your model commentary.
  23. Looking like an Xmas night/Boxing Day repeat for us western Borders' folk.
  24. Fog, ice, pot holes and darkness. My current commute.



      Have you fallen into a cave?:D