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  1. Second air frost here too at -0.5C. Beautiful sun all day now though and a nippy wind blowing leaves around. Lovely.
  2. Always a pleasure to see ya Bungle! Just on the new layout and area for the Scottish thread - we now have the ability to start and develop separate threads on topics/themes much like the main forum. So if anyone has a particular focus or idea they are interested in discussing separately and in a dedicated thread to keep the discussion in one place, please feel free to start one here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/forum/192-scottish-weather-discussion/
  3. And here's the evidence backing up the above posts! Uninspiring walking high forest tracks when this is as good as it gets:
  4. The view from Tweeddale this afternoon with a 400m cloud base. Was at 0.5°C at 8am. Rain now coming on...
  5. "Manky" *snigger* Late garden measurement in at 08:40 of -0.3C - hurrah, we're off!!
  6. Same here - was welded to the windscreen. 0.0C in the garden (dam - can't count it as first air frost!), -3.0 at 270m in open country in the car.
  7. You'll all remember the idea to try something a bit different with the Scottish thread as a test for the wider site back in the spring...? At the time it was postponed, but @Paulhas been working hard behind the scenes... Well, there's a big announcement up shortly doing exactly that - it's guinea pig time!
  8. Yesterday's walk up above Talla on the Borders Forest Trust land - millions of wee trees.... Twas a bit grey but at least dry.
  9. Fantastic bright sunny blue sky morning. Down to -0.5C in village in the car, but garden sensor stuck to 2.0C. My sunflowers in the garden didn't fare too well with yesterday's lashing rain and gusty winds. Time for the chop
  10. They said that at 12:55pm just now! Truth is it'll probably be somewhere in between...
  11. Couple of photos from yesterday's jaunt to the woodland at Ladyurd. Bands of showers 11am - 3pm but had settled down when these were taken except for the very light drizzle in the wind that generated the rainbow!
  12. Heating here back onto the normal timed schedule from 06.00 for a few hours. Then it's over to the multi fuel burner (currently logs) on in the evening. Was 6C at 9pm last night and 3C overnight so it's needed!
  13. Car said 1.0C at 8am driving through the village - brrrr! Dawn on the 27 Sep 2020 was -2.7C.
  14. 24 hours ago the forecast today on the telly was for a quiet but moist if not perfectly dry day. Woke up to pouring rain all morning. This morning's telly forecast said rain clearing from south of Scotland and fizzling out. Dry at lunchtime and now pouring again. Our beloved BBC forecasts aren't doing too well. That six hour forecast window is a tricky one to nail!
  15. The forest is busy! That bottom big boy is the size of a dinner plate.
  16. 17.4°C and sunny intervals. A pleasant afternoon. And look at the berries! Shhh don't say anything about predicting winter....
  17. Proper thick dew this morning - warm at 12C but dripping... Autumn is coming!

  18. Just popped into the thread to see where we are at - so thought I would leave this here. An interesting year against the trend: Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with one-day lag NSIDC.ORG
  19. 20.0C on the nose here this afternoon - first time for a few weeks. A few sharp showers around, but managed to experience only light rain on the walk, and then only for fifteen mins.
  20. It's the massive liquorice allsorts laying machine. There's one on the Lanark Road A73 that lays huge pink marshmallows. Heavy rain earlier. Cool 15.3C. HA! Love it.
  21. Do you have a pulley @mardatha?? They're a godsend.... Peebles yesterday. Got soaked and stood under the bridge sheltering for a good 20mins....
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