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  1. My cockerel has discovered the cat flap. Lordy.

    1. lassie23


      There is a rude joke in there somewhere

    2. Daniel*


      Is the chicken welcome? 

  2. What's going on with the radar over Ireland? Dodgy data no doubt.

  3. Unexpected rain in the Borders area (in the supermarket self checkout voice).

    1. matt111


      Remove this rain before continuing.

      Maybe a good idea if you were outside

  4. 21:30 5.4°C, driving rain, 40mph NW wind. Seasonal. 

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    2. Allseasons-si


      Post us some pics of the snow on the mountains @shuggee if/when you get the chance?

      i remember when i was a kid that it snowed on my birthday on 14th ?


    3. Allseasons-si


      Sorry,forgot to say June.

    4. matt111


      June? Felt more like late October to me today

  5. *rushes to bring in bedding from washing line*

  6. A lovely summer's day, warm with a limp wind sock. 

  7. Orographic rainfall sucks when you live underneath it.

    1. Daniel*


      Snow sounds a lot better 

  8. Inch of snow this morning and now howling wind gusting 55mph+. 

  9. Blown over lorries, trains cancelled, ferries disrupted - but not a named storm? Meto policy is a mess.

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    2. Iceaxecrampon


      Ah - the SW.

      Correct me but all the carnage was up North? Berwick Edinburgh A66 to the NE?

    3. wimblettben


      I think he was referring to the system that came through Sunday into Monday Iceaxecrampon.

      I agree though Scotland should have had there own warnings yesterday.

    4. shuggee


      Yeah  the carnage was Monday lunchtime. Yellow warnings - nobody prepared for what was a nasty period of weather. 

  10. First day of winter and it's an ICE DAY at -1.6C. Hurrah.

  11. Max of 0.8°C today after a -5.6°C frost. Anyone want to pay my heating bill?!

  12. Dizzy heights of an afternoon max of 11°C. 

    1. Spikecollie


      I'm in shorts and t-shirt and rapidly going nude for bed.25c in my living room and Mylo has had a stream bathe and two hosings. I have had a cold shower.

  13. Possible aurora Saturday night?

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Yes Shugg, Kp5 forecast. Will it be clear enough..

    2. Polar Maritime
  14. Had a double cone with jaffa orange and vanilla ice cream in the sunshine in Peebles earlier. Almost felt like summer.

  15. Midgetastic. Swarms of the buggers. Arms could be read like braille.

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      When I was living in Barrhill, I suffered badly from prickly heat rash along with midges bites.  The only thing thing that alleviate the  midge bites was Calamine lotion.

  16. Chernobyl the series. Words cannot describe.

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    2. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      No, that 2nd explosion threat was a revelation to me too.  Horrifying. 
      I also didn't realize that the kept the other nearby reactors functioning many years after the explosion .


    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Yeah the final one closed in 2000, astonishing!

    4. Wiltshire_snow_lover


      its a great series.. so far first ep even when no their going to die followed their orders. the man in charge was in complete loo loo land tho then 2nd ep.. people who knew what actually happend going straight their i look forward to the other eps the second explosion risk bit again i never new of shows what a good job the sacrifices made 

  17. Coal fire blazing. Six weeks until the longest day.

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    2. cheeky_monkey


      your not helping with reaching that carbon zero target now :ball-santa-emoji:

    3. shuggee


      Peat tonight.

    4. Carl46Wrexham


      Has felt like October/November the past couple of days, cloudy with rain on and off and a real chilly feel.

  18. Sleet, hail, graupel, snow - anyone want to throw in a kitchen sink to today's 'wintry mix'?

  19. Those Arctic ice stats are worrying. 

    1. karyo


      Very much so! The extent in particular is nose diving!

  20. Wintry weekend coming up. Maybe the last blast before spring proper...

    1. Paul


      You all stocked up?!

    2. shuggee


      I have packets of bread mix ready...

    3. Paul


      That's cheating!

  21. My civvy partner has just looked at new METO website, "worst website redesign I've ever seen".

    1. markyo


      It really is shockingly bad.

    2. shuggee


      And he's a civilian with no particular interest in the weather i.e. a target "member of the public".

    3. markyo


      That really say's it all,they have got it badly wrong. 

  22. Two chickens missing - fox suspected. *sob*

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    2. Snowycat


      Although we had a fox earlier in the winter, not seen it around here for a while now.  I live on the edge of woodland/300 acre farm.  We have badgers and some deer and a two male pheasants called Sparky and Pierre.  In fact just come in from the cat pen and did hear some real strange noises coming from the woodland.  It wasn't badger noises and wasn't the usual deer barking....spooky ??.  Lassy - one of our foster kittens after being rehomed was attacked by a badger (was witnessed) and unfortunately had to have her back leg amputated as a result. 

    3. lassie23


      i never knew badgers attacked cats

    4. Snowycat


      I know, it shocked me also but it is the second time I've come across it.  A local lady had her elderly cat attacked by a badger too.  I used to have the badgers in my garden and one did investigate the cat flap once but as they do so much damage digging everything up I served them an ASBO although they do try and dig under the top fence every so often.  They're proper vandals ??

  23. -3.1°C at 13h00. Quite the cold spell.

  24. Supermarkets note: -5C rated screenwash is not four seasons.

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