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  1. You've changed the forum view mark. To get it back to normal, go right to the top of the page, and alongside the title of the thread, on the right hand side is an 'options' button. Press that and select 'standard' (near the bottom)
  2. Hello Teague

    I've passed on your comment to the site owner - who is contactable by email:

    [email protected]

    Paul will be in touch :-)

  3. Have never known this to get stuck before: Is it the Credit Crunch?
  4. Any sunspots yet? (And yes - any further nonesense about AGW will be removed)
  5. Indeed Mondy - as I posted above this isn't the place and a lot of us don't have the time either!! Now will somebody go up and rub a balloon or something against the sun and get Cycle 24 underway - I want to see the Aurora before I die!
  6. OK here are some facts in picture form for the deaf & hard of hearing: As you can clearly see - the correlation is clearly now being skewed (as my original post explained) by something else.
  7. Sorry SC this is a thread about solar activity - not yet another thread for a dozen or so people to hijack and go on and on about their denial theories about global warming. My post was in that context - please stick to that topic.
  8. The comments in this thread are quite simply, bizzare. I don't think there's a climate scientist on the planet that does not agree that the sun has the BIGGEST influence on weather on our planet. The % changes in strength, the number of sunspots etc., ALL add up to changes in the weather, temperature etc. That is scientific fact - and there are graphs out there that show the relationships and correlations extremely well. The argument I think many are trying to grapple with is as to whether the recent unpredented warming, compared to the last 2000 years is now over-riding the affects of the sun's influence thanks to human activity on the planet. And since the same graphs that correlate in the past between sun strength, sunspots, sloar radiation etc. now show that the decrease in activity ought to have meant (as it has in the past) that the planet should be cooling - the warming of the last 50-80 years seems to be over-riding this signal. So I'd argue that the recent inactivity of the sun - which is not mirrored in mercury reading reductions on the planet - is actually very stark evidence that there is a new greater influence at play. Hmmm..., what can that be?! Even leading sceptics agree with the above these days - the argument is now about the degree to which human activity is influencing the weather and global temps, and the future. There is no argument against warming actually happening. Mercury thermometers and satellite records can not lie!
  9. A familiar story blackdown - a little activity is to be welcomed though!
  10. I'm enjoying your summer index Mr D. Out of interest, what was 2007?

  11. Me too - good to keep up to date with forecasts
  12. lol Interitus. That's why DRS and EWS have hired class 37s to Network Rail for snow clearing duties in Scotland this month Popping this into the Historic weather Area
  13. Popping this into the Historic Weather Section
  14. I daren't - we live in constant fear... (Have I said too much?) *looks around nervously*
  15. Wasn't there an early 2000s day when the Fohn affect at Braemar produced some truly remarkable warmth for winter?
  16. As discussed in Weather Eye 11th November 1919 was exceptional:
  17. Looking at the indicators and measurements in the first few posts in the pinned 'Resources Thread' above, I think I can honestly say I have never seen so little activity. When will this end?!
  18. Keep it up BD - I've been anxiously following these readings for two or three years now and believe me, starting during the solar minimum has been no fun at all - we need some action!!
  19. shuggee


    She's two - already?!!! Awwww - what a cutey; just like her mum :lol:
  20. Up to KP6 now - so perhaps Blackdown has a very accurate Crystal Ball! Well done pal On a clear night KP6 might have tempted me out away from the city into East Lothian - so the northern sky is out across the sea - best conditions for the least possible light pollution...
  21. There's no chance at all Blackdown. You need to look at the indicators in the first couple of posts here: http://www.netweather.tv/forum/index.php?showtopic=14968 As can be seen with the first chart - 'no activity detected' is the headline. The best way to consider whether or not even the most northerly areas of the UK are susceptable to aurora is to look at this chart: We need red bars at at least KP7 for even Scotland to be in with a shout. KP3 - even Iceland won't see much.
  22. I'd imagine if there is to be a xmas special skin this year - it will become available near xmas! That gold and green is horrible. Makes me queezy
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