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  1. Apologies for quoting my own post, but this morning was rinse and repeat except it was -3.5C passing the same spot at the same time.
  2. -3C up above Skirling/Broughton this morning. Modest -1.3C at home. Scrape scrape scrape.
  3. Not a bad day at all. After the downpours at the end of the week, this evening's dog walk was pleasant. Definitely wellies required though:
  4. Stunning. Have seen photos from Orkney and Skye. Much quieter just now.
  5. Aye, Dec 2010 will always live in our hearts KW. 60cm+ in Balquhidder where I was snowed-in at a friend's cottage... Lovely evening last night. Walking the dog by Broughton and the sky was stunning:
  6. Dizzy heights of an afternoon max of 11°C. 

    1. Spikecollie


      I'm in shorts and t-shirt and rapidly going nude for bed.25c in my living room and Mylo has had a stream bathe and two hosings. I have had a cold shower.

  7. Single figure afternoon max temperature forecast for us tomorrow. Going to be a shock.
  8. The last photo there is a gem! What is the doggy called Ciel?
  9. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/beast-from-the-east-set-to-return-to-scotland-1-4999798 Jan/Feb 2020 apparently.
  10. 1.7°C here in the garden. Has been a lovely autumnal weekend.
  11. Skies clearing here thankfully. Post 10pm will be out gleefully gazing northwards....
  12. Possible aurora Saturday night?

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Yes Shugg, Kp5 forecast. Will it be clear enough..

    2. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Kp6 now Shugg 🙂

  13. Urgh. Disgusting weather. Blown-over plants, garden detritus everywhere, paths flooded with standing water..Rain like stepping into a bathroom shower. Moan, moan, put me in a home.
  14. 27°C. Sweaty.

  15. 7pm last night. Was simply gorgeous. Was walking along the old Peebles-Stobo-Biggar railway and through this old rocky cutting, the insect buzz was incredibly loud:
  16. Not the brightest of afternoons to take Finn to his first beach - Nith estuary at Carsethorn. Stopped raining around 13.30 though, so dry. Drive home through Moffat and over the Beef Tubs damp and then sunshine in glorious Upper Tweeddale
  17. Hola Just home from hols in Bilbao. 20-28°C and showery rain every day, but sunshine too. Perfect for me. Speaking of rain, has there been much while I've been away?!!
  18. Loving those sunsets @Mr Frost A close, still evening here yesterday. Cooler relief to be had walking around the forest.
  19. Bit late posting these from Sunday afternoon - but what a lovely day it was. 21C and sunny intervals. Looking west over the Tweed valley and Lyne station. Neidpath Castle from alongside the Tweed Over the Tweed on the viaduct Neidpath tunnel - ;lovely and cool!
  20. Saw the radar, grabbed the puppy for a run and some ball throwing around the park and jumped back in the car - and then it started pouring doon. Made it.
  21. Once again forecast on the telly says rain. Reality says rather warm and sunny. Bring back the meto.
  22. Lovely evening yesterday by us too. The horseflies were fierce.
  23. Had a double cone with jaffa orange and vanilla ice cream in the sunshine in Peebles earlier. Almost felt like summer.

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