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  1. Just been outside for an admittedly beer-fuelled run around in 37cm of snow. Absolutely knackered now and with a chafed ankle from ma wellies. Brilliant!!
  2. February is the UK's snowiest month. I doubt it will beat the last four days tbh.
  3. Somebody might as well be chucking rice in my face when I go outside...
  4. Remarkable to think that the massive area of snow just approaching the Ayrshire/Inverclyde coast isn't even here yet.... 20cm?
  5. Heaviest snow since Tuesday here again. Just got back from the neighbour's when it started. Mr fatty flakes billowing down there and the gritted A701 covered once again. Snow Farrah only went past 90 minttes ago.
  6. But the question is trajectory. Due east or ESE?
  7. Dam right Ruzzi! That was a must have living here. She gets up the drive in the ice like a whisp of wind
  8. An extra 7cm here overnight and the efforts of digging out the car yesterday were in vain!
  9. A good 45 minutes of heavy snow there - as good as Tuesday afternoon before dark. Headed east further into the deepest Borders...
  10. I was up around 3am and it was moderate snow - but nothing like Tuesday. Disappointing and a lesson in frontal ppn behaviour as CMD suggests! Local roads still closed and we are running out of supplies. Send a helicopter with a curry.
  11. Radar seems to have a segment under-reporting intensify out just north of NI.
  12. Latest radar has it 200 miles west over NI and as far north as the central belt. And it's 'growing' ENE. It also appears to be 2 hours ahead of modelling, so who knows!
  13. I think the A701 is back open now over the Devil's Beeftubs - not very often that that gets blocked and Moffat gets cut off from the north. Two gritters in convoy went passed at around 10am here - followed by a convoy of a dozen cars and trucks.