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  1. Today it is mostly gusty.
  2. Looking like various 12/24/36 hour duration periods of cold zonality from the NW from Tues next week.... Remember January last year anybody?!
  3. I thought a weather-related photo was needed and panicked. Grey in North Edinburgh. But very windy.
  4. The new thread for our chatter and musings. I figured it might cheer us up in this grey depressing weather if we think of it like a freshly-made bed.
  5. A fresh thread to usher-in 2019 and all that our weather might bring.
  6. It's grey today. Various hues. But mainly grey grey.
  7. It's grey here this morning.
  8. Ha ha. It's a purveyor of a delicious sausage, bean and cheese pastie. GREY GREY GREY
  9. Gardening all afternoon with a wee fire to dispose of the raspberry canes. Greg and only small bursts of wind - but it did blow the smoke to every point of 360° in the three hours.
  10. The Meto extended outlook is still optimistic too: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/75951-met-office-16-to-30-day-outlook/?do=findComment&comment=3947600
  11. Met Office 16-30 day outlook being discussed here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/75951-met-office-16-to-30-day-outlook/?page=106
  12. -6C on the drive in today in on the A701. Fog in the valleys and sunrise good enough for a master water colour.