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  1. Well that was fun. Six hours of it. And as others have said, that rain.... Minimum of 15.3C is quite something for here too. Got lots of video but the video compressor is on the other machine right now so will eventually post something. It was the constant rumble that got me as so unusual. And with strikes every 2 or 3 secs of course! Looking a the overnight radar it's almost as though my house was the thunderstorm factory from which most of the cells spawned over the western Borders/South Lanarks. Very weird - shall have a late BBQ more often!! A ten year event?
  2. Same sky as others here, and at a muggy 23.1C. No lightning or rumbles yet since the last outburst in June.
  3. 21.4 & 21.8°C yesterday and today, but such a different feel. Cloudy and muggy yesterday, whilst fresh and sunny today. Got jobs done including the always pleasant chicken coop mucking out. Finn just back from the vets with the cone of shame after the op to remove his crown jewels. Aww.
  4. 21:30 last night 16.5C - muggy as hell and easily the worst midges I've experienced here at the cottage in the three years since moving.
  5. A proper negative temperature anomaly for July. You don't get many months like that these days! Thanks for posting Mr Frost.
  6. 23.5C at 11.00am. From the ridiculous to the sublime. Mind you I'm keeping doors and windows around the house shut to keep the cold in!
  7. Interesting to consider I've had seventeen days at 20°C+ this year. The last one was exactly one month ago on 26 June. Appalled by July 2020. Here's a pretty mushroom from the woods to cheer us up:
  8. My cockerel has discovered the cat flap. Lordy.

    1. lassie23


      There is a rude joke in there somewhere

    2. Daniel*


      Is the chicken welcome? 

  9. First opportunity to view the comet around 1am this morning in these parts. Clear skies, binoculars, guide to location using 'the plough/big dipper' and there it was. Am absolutely delighted. Something special about comets.....
  10. What a lovely day. 18.8°C sunny periods. BBQ a success. Knackered and caught the sunshine
  11. I'm planning a bbq with a shoulder of pork to cook for four hours over coals on Sunday @mardatha so it WILL be 19°C and lovely. I have decided.
  12. First decent day for a while here. Up to 18.0C mid afternoon with sunny spells - washing got nicely dry. Then poured down and13.0C behind the rain - humidity gone. Not bad at all.
  13. Whilst the western Border's weather can be described in one word - Meh - here's a photo of Guinevere, Gertrude and Genevieve our one week old Guinea Fowl. They'll go outside to live in the big hawthorn tree in about six weeks.
  14. What's going on with the radar over Ireland? Dodgy data no doubt.

  15. Torrential downpours here too - was so wet walking the doggy.
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