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  1. Much done outdoors yesterday and today. But spurt of rain 6-ish this evening. Stars now though - surprised.
  2. Fog/haar moving around stealthily. Cloud base 275m ish. Dank. But still light around 20:50.
  3. Oh look it's raining now. Washing salt into the wound.
  4. Why don't diy retailers sell sand by weight? Very odd.

    1. lassie23


      after world war 3, sand will be free and widely available:good:

    2. Crepuscular Ray

      Crepuscular Ray

      Be grateful. How many would sell you very, very wet sand...

  5. I'm off work to do the garden this week - not next! Grrrr
  6. This is the Daddy of refreshing.

    1. Mokidugway


      Soda tell :rofl:

    2. lassie23



  7. Sharp showers in south Edinburgh at 4.30pm. Almost like a summer downpour. Dry at home and been sunny - tomatoes are happy!
  8. Took the Kilbucho road to Biggar this afternoon. I swear you could swim in some of those potholes. Snow still about in odd places and higher ridges.
  9. First daffodils blooming in the garden. Tentatively.

    1. lassie23


      sounds blooming awful, means blooming summer is around the corner:bad:

    2. Mokidugway


      Get your strimmer out :closedeyes:

    3. shuggee


      Summer. A distant dream.

  10. Grey grey grey 7°C. Might go back to bed.
  11. -3C and a treacherous drive into work. But you knew that and it's quite ordinary nowadays And it is now 10am (9am GMT) and I am declaring today a snow day - plenty of it everywhere. My 40th! Hurrah.
  12. Surely enough by now? It was -0.5C in the car and sat in the traffic for an hour by IKEA was erm, well fine. Watching guys digging out cars in front on the inclines. Four snow ploughs, with drivers' faces either glee at the late play in the snow or resignation (that was the guy in the one in traffic at Penicuik). Just over two and a half hours for a journey that is do-able in normal rush hour at 1hr10. Cats specatularly unhappy. Fifteen birds round the feeder, pet pheasant and his missus (Edward and Tubbs) looking miserable under the Scots Pines. It's all wrong!
  13. Well that four inches of snow in the suburbs at rush hour doubling my commute time was >@%^*%

    1. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      wouldn't like your winters, but i'd take your weather at any other time of year any day of the week. getting warmth into scotland is like getting meat into a vegan festival.

  14. I have taken the shovel, duvet, water and chocolate out of the car already. How foolish was I thinking that winter is over?! Going home at 4.30pm might be interesting up over the hills....
  15. Drive into work as bad as its been all winter (although admittedly for seven days this year I've been snowed-in so not experienced the roads when they have been bad enough for police closures). 0.0C on the car thermometer all the way to IKEA. Lamancha/Leadburn particularly snowy with road slushy and/or white down the middle.