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  1. Absolutely stunning down by the Tweed at Crownhead Bridge opposite Dawyck Botanical Gardens:
  2. Yes @ciel and @Hairy Celt orange tips abound! Today appears to be all about little black poo flies... Had a drunken evening in Peebles yesterday and spotted from the 1am taxi home there was a stunning double moondog https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_dog Have seen many sundogs over the years but this was a first for me.
  3. Not seen a single ladybird here HC. Have seen a big fat hare, a brace of pheasants and several anthocharis cardamines - beauties.
  4. Up to 18.9°C and car aircon in full working order!
  5. Took my wee puppy, Fingal, on his first ever walk outside of our garden earlier. Tweed running !ow, forest very dry. And here he is earlier in the week:
  6. Between -2 and -4°C every morning since Tuesday. Proper frosty. Beautiful daytimes.
  7. I dislike anything that comes with a temperature greater than 19°C.
  8. Those Arctic ice stats are worrying. 

    1. karyo


      Very much so! The extent in particular is nose diving!

  9. Dreich! Today is the very definition of the word: https://www.google.com/search?q=dreich&oq=dreich&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.4126j0j4&sourceid=silk&ie=UTF-8
  10. Just to round-off what's been a quite wintry week here's a shot down the Tweed Valley at dusk
  11. If you want to post again C I can delete the two above? Snowy start at 6.30am then tremendous hail in north Edinburgh around midday. The archetypal April disturbed day.
  12. Snow line down the A702 and A701 at 300m this evening.
  13. Slight covering at 6am and snow billowing down. Puppy was not happy going outside to do business and cat ran in disgusted. Roads across western Borders black but at height by Skirling/Kirkdean it was a winter wonderland - I love frosted pine trees sprinkled in icing sugar
  14. Hills above Tweedsmuir up over the Beef Tubs snowy this evening. Nothing lying down to my elevation yet other than flurries.
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