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  1. Merry Christmas to all who post and follow this excellent forum. Met office still struggling with the exact track of the boxing day low. So snow possible tomorrow, and a cold weekend to come, after that and into fi, who really knows?
  2. 10.5c for me please, hoping for some frosty nights.
  3. rjbw might be on to something, so i'm going for 16.8
  4. 7.7c for me please. warm start, becoming increasingly unsettled thereafter.
  5. 6.6c for me please. I've a gut feeling that April will be a cold month this year.
  6. As i'm off work this week, if there's a covering of snow tomorrow morning, i will definitely make a snowman-- even if it is 2cm tall!!
  7. Hopefully we will see a repeat of last years cold and snow. As for winter, we're barely half way through, so plenty of time for frost and snow.
  8. 3.3c for me please. I'm off to Reykjavik next week for three nights. Funnily enough, some of that cold air looks like heading our way late next week.
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