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  1. I would dispute any such claims as all of us are simply guessing, we could just as easily see a MM making such a sceniro a 80-90% certainty. Remember all this talk of starting points being warmer now then back then is nonsense, just look at what happened during December 2010, so on that basis anything is possible even the sun waking up from its slumber unexpectedly cannot be ruled out.
  2. A lot better output today and I'm more than happy that we have the GFS and UKMO more or less singing from the same hymn sheet. At +144 it could still go either way and if I was a betting man I would say there's a good chance of those in Central England and Eastern parts seeing a rain to snow event out of this set up, small steps in the right direction this morning.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Just to add that I also have no Patella which I lost in a cricketing accident many years ago. this has been a major obstacle throughout and it's one component of the knee joint which is vital in the stability stakes. The extensor mechanism reconstruction was to try and build up the space between my quad muscle and the missing Patella and give my knee joint more stability, it's early days yet but I'm still finding my knee giving way at the most inappropriate moments, hopefully this will resolve itself as time goes on.
  4. Much as I see the way forward Fred, silk purse. sows ear springs to mind. At least next weekend gives some of us the opportunity of seeing something wintry possibly, but I still can't see anything in any output I've seen to get excited about.
  5. And why should their be as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to make a case for a pattern change to anything cold, yes there is uncertainty in the model output from next weekend onwards, but that's all it is uncertainty and for me the form horse looks to be a continuation of an Atlantic driven pattern as we head into February and beyond, hopefully I'm wrong.
  6. Yes but my post has a Lol smiley and wasn't meant whereas GW is deadly serious as you know and so must condone.
  7. I was being factious knocker, he sounds a quite a character.
  8. I think you'll find I'm not Godarrds biggest fan hence my post further up, and as for attacks well being called a misleader is ok then is it?
  9. Would that be the same summer El Nino you predicted for last summer. The rest of your post is up to your usual standard, mud slinging by calling all sceptics misleaders. You should be banned for such inflammatory remarks as it does nothing but stoke up the fires.
  10. Thanks Jenny, Ives till got a few issues but hopefully over the next year or so they'll ease up. I go and see the consultant in March and then annually to keep tabs on me.
  11. Who is Prof Francis, never heard of him so he must be a crank if you rate him. The Hadley pressure cell has been moving southward over the last 5 years at least and I think I'll listen to Joanna Haigh thank you very much. Also this has nothing to do with your agenda to push all things AGW into every single thread, it becomes tiresome after years of seeing the same repetitive stuff.
  12. But there is still 12 days of the month left and there is an outside chance that the end of this month could be cold and snowy.
  13. I do think its best until we get confirmation from an independent source before passing comment, as knocker says there has been instances where Goddard has, shall we say been wrong.
  14. I'll await further confirmation before passing comment but if true then the implications could be far reaching.
  15. I'll have to do a quick google of that symptom BFTV, but being housebound isn't pleasant more so if you enjoy the outdoors. I spent two years on crutches and at times I felt hopeless and worthless,good luck with your recovery and I'll have a read up on it.
  16. The research being carried out by Joanna Haigh on UV output is very enlightening. IMO this plays an important role in the poleward movement of the Hadley Pressure Cell over the last thirty years and it's interesting now that UV output has fallen that we are seeing this migrate back towards the Tropics.
  17. Last March I underwent a Total Knee Replacement as well as a having my extensor mechanism of the knee reconstructed. The road to recovery was and remains long and painful though now I can actually get out hillwalking albeit only 8 or 9 miles with the aid of hiking poles is a godsend. Are there any other forum members who've had a knee replacement, I would love to hear your stories on this.
  18. It matters not who captains us as our whole concept of playing one day cricket is wrong, we need to score runs quickly from the onset and not have this mindset of keeping wickets in check so we can make a big push in the last ten or so overs.
  19. Edging closer and closer to a forgettable winter. The potential for a cold spell may well be there but nothing from the MetO to back this up with.
  20. I'm now more than convinced that any cold spell this winter will always be tantalisingly close but never quite make inroads across the UK. This winter certainly has all the hallmarks of a nineties, noughties winter which generally saw a block to our East with the cold remaining bottled up on the other side of the North Sea, whilst we were stuck under a trough out to our West. The west based QBO has certainly been the party pooper this winter combined with a raging PV, at least the pattern is more susceptible to colder PM incursions over the next week or so I suppose.
  21. Still no sign of an impending cold spell, changeable would be the key word.
  22. Another day and another rout, the only positives to be taken from this tour would be, errrr some of our boys got a nice tan.
  23. @BFTV. Michael Mann refuses to engage in a public debate so maybe he can lead the way and enlighten us all on such things as proxies, tree rings and the use of past temperature data from selected weather stations. He's refused so far, so maybe this could be his chance to fight the fight then?
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