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  1. This Winter is shaping out to be worse for settling snow than Winter 11-12. In that Winter we had a covering one morning in middle of December and then a heavier fall on the 4th February and that was it all Winter.

    Cant argue there as it really is turning into a mare if it's cold and snow you like, mind you Gaz it's not been a good one for the mildies either really with far too much wind and rain on a daily basis. I'll be glad to see the back of this winter and hopefully we get a warm dry spring so we can all dry out from this wretched winter.
  2. In all honesty SI I had a look around to see exactly what 'grouping' both my , and other peoples, opinion of 'Me', placed me?


    I must admit that there is a duality here in that I'm a very Jolly/Zany/Caring individual with (still at 50) a hell-bent party mentality. The realisation of the threats of overpopulation, energy crisis, climate change, Pandemic and global conflict do not impact my thirst for life. Were I to pamper one of Pete's favourite pass-times I'd say it was my Piscean nature.................................... (Soz Pete......could'nt resist!)

    Besides the climate change threat GW, I pretty much agree with you on all these issues. If we take away all the ballyhoo and posturing on these forums then I guess most of us fear much of the same things.

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  3. December 2013 Global Weather Extremes Summary By Christopher C. BurtPublished: 8:00 PM GMT on January 18, 2014December 2013 Global Weather Extremes SummaryDecember 2013 saw a variety of temperature extremes both cold and warm and in some cases at the same locations. The most notable was the heat wave in Argentina. However, in general, extreme variability was the theme thanks to extreme amplitudes of the jet stream. Severe flooding affected portions of Brazil, Kenya, and the Middle East where a cold snap and rare heavy snow also occurred in some locations.Below are some of the month’s highlights.http://www.wunderground.com/blog/weatherhistorian/article.html?entrynum=234

    Agree with all of that but they somehow missed the extreme cold in North America knocker? Ignore that I clicked on the wrong link it's showing, but why isn't it a headline for your link?
  4. pYour response is illeterate. Are you agreeing with me?

    Your response is illogical, if you wish to learn on how to read the models then following the likes of Steve Murr and Nick Sussex along with a few others will put you in good stead. Saying it will rain in the MOD thread, "no matter how many charts you post" isn't going to win you many friends or help you understand how to read the models.
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  5. Over on the other thread we now have knocker comparing me to Foster, hmmm now let me see do I have a misinforming blog of my own where I only allow one opinion. The laughable part of all this is how not one of the so called " only interested in the science types " has condemned blogger Foster for his attacks on a climate scientist. Oh the irony of it all!

  6. Surely by that yardstick SI folk purposefully misleading the public over the matter of current climate changes ( and impacts) are "Climate Misleaders"? This is why I found it a perfect descriptor of the very people that most inflame me when Prof Francis coined it over a year ago. Are there any other common nouns that you take issue with?   EDIT: For instance folk trained and employed by the Church to minister to the faithful are known as 'Vicars' , that is the name for the folk trained and employed to do this job. The folk employed to 'mislead ' the public over the issue of climate change are now known by the group name "Climate Misleaders"....easy eh?

    But who are these misleaders GW, I know of none who think that CO2 isn't a greenhouse gas, nor do I know anyone who claims that CO2 hasn't had an effect on rising temp. So which people are we talking about?
  7. Not quite true Joe, the colder uppers are set to mix out much quicker now and other than on the high ground and maybe for a little while lower down most precipitation will fall as rain as per the forecast I have just seen on the BBC.

    I would agree with that for tomorrow, maybe parts of Northern England will see snow to lower elevations for a while before turning back to rain. I think next week will mostly be a mix of rain/ sleet for many in England and Wales with snow mostly over higher ground and Scotland at lower elevations. Any snow in England/Wales will be of a passing nature as I expect too see those uppers modified nearer the time.
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  8. GW. Your use of the word misleaders is highly inflammatory as I've pointed out several times, now I know Foster likes to use this terminology also and much of your posting style and indeed many on the Manmade thread reflect his viewpoint on all things climate. Did you get your daughter to reflect the sceptic views of climate scientist such as Judith Curry I wonder.

  9. The deniers of the pause in the other thread seem to be getting rather annoyed by my a accusations at fuzzy Foster, they are asking for proof yet fail to see the irony in their request. Read his blog people all the proof you want is there, he is nothing but a political activist with an axe to grind against anyone who dares to question the consensus, hence why Judith Ciurry who has forgotten more than blogger Foster will ever learn in a lifetime is in his line of fire. How some of you can keep a straight face when accusing sceptics of demearning the science and scientist and then go about defending and applauding Foster for doing just that, is a little rich too say the least.

  10. Lol, they certainly are shooting themselves in the foot on t'other thread, now instead of maybe looking at Fosters writings and his political leanings they expect me to spoon feed them. Sorry boys but if you can't read between Fuzzy's lines and see for yourself that this blogger is nothing more than a blagger, then being spoon fed is the least of your problems. Wise up and stick to reputable scientists without agendas who just present the science, there are plenty of AGW scientist who I respect who talk and present science as it should be, leave the Fosters out of this your doing yourselves no favours.

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  11. Knocker, you find it odd at the company Judith Curry keeps, yet find nothing wrong with the comments mad by Foster or the company he keeps. He's a charlatan of the highest order and has to masquerade behind an alias so he can pump out his obvious political viewpoints in the good name of science.

  12. The activist over on the other thread are really going for Judith Curry now, she's the equivalent of the anti Christ for them and must be exorcised at all cost. Funny how they are all up in arms when sceptics have a go at the likes of Mann and Hansen and cite them as being untouchable as they are honest scientist, yet here they are doing a number on what they see as a rogue agent.

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