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  1. I've never shown anything but tolerance towards others as I spent 20 years as a Mental Health Nurse and not once have my views come into conflict with my work, in fact I've nursed some of societies worst ranging from rapist, pedophiles and murders and all things in-between, not that I'm suggesting that gay people are anything like those for one minute. These are my views and I wouldn't discriminate against gays in either work or social life, it still means I don't approve of same sex partnerships and if that makes me a bigot in todays intolerant liberal society then so be it.
  2. Indeed Mike, I too view the New Testament with suspicion as like you say many testaments disappeared at that time.
  3. Excuse me where I've I pedalled hateful bile. Just because I don't approve doesn't make me a bigot, as for cherry picking parts of the bible well if you read the part regarding sodom and gomorrah and also about the roles of a man and woman in matrimony I think you'll find my views are well balanced. I find your post filled with hate and prejudice towards those who don't think like you, whereas I already stated I wouldn't enforce my views on anyone else you are doing just that. Have you ever read the Bible and by read mean all of it not just the bits you like throw out of context.
  4. I think the very same as the evidence for such an event is mounting daily IMO, but I would say that such events will be certainly be global and not just effecting the NH, with global temps starting to decline within the next 5 years.
  5. Not at all , may I suggest you reread what I said, though you are right on my thoughts being based on Christian faith alone. My views on gay marriage and homosexuality are mine and mine alone, I think it's unnatural and wrong, others are entitled to think otherwise and I've no problem with that. However it does appear that my thoughts on this are a problem for others in accepting.
  6. Faith is believing that God created the heavens and earth, not 7000 years ago has quoted by many. Science can only takes us so far with explainations on how and why we are here, it's not blind belief as you so eloquently put it. As for irrational viewpoints on homosexuality, that's a matter of opinion and belief in what's right and wrong, again this is down to personal beliefs and I for one don't expect others to think alike and nor would I enforce my views others. Can the same be said for those who oppose religion though?
  7. I agree Churches have, but I fail too see how's it's made a huge difference in their life as most of them aren't religious to start with.
  8. But you have to have faith BFTV and if you have faith then those religious texts are what you follow, rightly or wrongly depending if you have faith. I oppose in homosexuality being accepted by means of marriage and civil partnerships, but that's my view and I still wouldn't openly direct my opinion on others as I neither believe in telling people what to do, say, or think.
  9. I think everyone is entitled to have their own views upheld and respected, whatever they are. I do feel a sense of smugness by some who view religion as mythical and inpractical by today's standards, which certainly creates unneeded tension and conflict. Remember we don't have to approve of things and certain aspects of today's society, but surely tolerance and respect is the way forward.
  10. Worst off, your having a laugh surely, lets look at how poor our children of today are shall we. For starters nearly all of them have a mobile phone, PC, and Sky TV and can afford to get drunk most weekends. They don't sound like they are doing too bad to me.
  11. Well that's just plain daft as you have no way of proving otherwise. The simple fact is that religion gave us the foundations for such laws and values, you can't argue with the facts, and why atheist find it hard to accept speaks volumes really. Like it or not we owe an awful lo to religion, both good and bad.
  12. Too say that religion has no place with law is fairly daft as most of our laws stem from religion, such as thou shall not commit adultery, rob and murder. Without religion and the practising of these laws , one shudders to think if we would have advanced at all.
  13. That's a rather odd thing too say GW, of course ice will disappear cometh the summer, that's not the point of the story as you know. It's quite exceptional considering it's only been recorded once before.
  14. All the talk of the oceans acquiring masses of heat is put into perspective here. http://judithcurry.com/2013/09/26/the-relentless-increase-of-ocean-heat/
  15. But that would be basing laws on your opinions and the modern teachings of live and let live, which has really done us proud over the years.
  16. My recovery seems to be problematic with instability of the knee joint progressively worsening, this combined with light to moderate pain on the medial side of my knee and a valgus looking leg where my foot points inwards. My appointment with the consultant is next month, worst case scenario would be a revision and another attempt at an allograft. Worrying times ahead, both physically and financially.
  17. Looks like a rinse and repeat of the last two months. Hats off to the Meto, MOGREPS and GLOSEA 5 have been fantastic at spotting trends this winter.
  18. Good piece by Judith Curry, you know the only climate scientist who is actually thinks for herself. http://judithcurry.com/2014/02/03/why-is-there-so-much-antarctic-sea-ice/
  19. I think you'll find that's not the case, as I'm more inclined to believe Judith Curry a climate scientist than BFTV a blogger on Net Weather.
  20. An interesting read from Judith Curry. http://judithcurry.com/2014/01/27/early-20th-century-arctic-warming/
  21. A blog site I know but still a good read. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/05/new-ceres-data-and-ocean-heat-content/ http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/01/ocean-heat-content-variations-satellites-vs-oceanographers/ http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/05/03/ocean-heat-content-0-to-2000-meters-why-arent-northern-hemisphere-oceans-warming-during-the-argo-era/
  22. Not at all as all previous data was using only selected data from the Indian and South Atlantic oceans, why I've no idea. Also the site in question is and remains a poor blogging site frequented by those looking to get their fix of doctored doom and gloom. Global surface temps have still not risen for 17 years, no amount of tinkering can change this.
  23. Also,would that warming be the same warming in only the Indian Ocean and South Atlantic oceans, or are they now utilising all recordings of oceanic temperatures.
  24. Is that an attempt at trying to excuse the pause, can't take it seriously as it's from a blog site and a poor one at that.
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