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  1. So, according to GW forget winters like the VERY recent past, they are over & now we have warming of 2-4C to look forward to. Sadly no time scale of that prediction though.

    There never is as it's always into the distant future, but back on planet earth we have seen no rise in global surface temps for 17 years. Big bad CO2 is certainly proving a handful for the alarmist call to arms as it's continually refusing to play ball with their projections of mass warming anytime soon.

  2. I'd say Ian Pennell's forecast was a fantastic effort, highly informative with sound reasoning as to why he felt this winter would pan out like it has. In fact I would go as far too say it's the best and most accurate LRF I've seen, now for the tricky bit can he follow it up for Spring/Summer. Over to you Ian!

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    Britain set for BEST summer ever as nation says goodbye to winter from HELL


    AS Britain's worst winter in decades is almost over, scientists are predicting this year's summer could be the BEST ever. After months of heavy flooding and hurricane-force winds, German researchers are predicting 2014 to be the hottest summer on record. So far, the UK has been bombarded with the worst floods in decades as much of the country struggles to cope in the hellish conditions. But the scientists say there is a 75 per cent chance that this summer is going to be an absolute scorcher. A study published by the scientists in the 'PNAS' journal, believes 2014 will have an El Niño pattern, where waters on the Pacific equator are warmer than usual leading to higher temperatures in summer. The forecasters at Armin Bunde of Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany have successfully predicted El Niño events over the past two years and are confident again.


    A spokesperson for the Met Office said: "It could be right, but it could be just over Europe. "It's not entirely clear what area he is looking at." They added: "We do not usually predict the weather over such a long period as there are so many factors to consider. "It is far too early to tell. "Plus we need to get through what we're going through at the moment." With hundreds of homes still without power and much of the south west of the country underwater, the Government may be wishing it had flood warnings six months earlier. El Niño trends can be predicted six months at a time and the scientists feel the technique could be used to help countries prepare earlier for unexpected weather.





    Lol, well that's the coldest summer on record almost guaranteed then now,what makes me laugh is their predictive success rate of the last two  years. All and sundry got that prediction right, as for a El Nino, I expect a weak nino to develop throughout the summer and my track record is as good as anyones  on these matters.Posted Image

  4. I think my social study on people's attitudes towards deeply held religious beliefs highlights how deeply divided communities are. This has been very enlightening at how people who call themselves tolerant are shown to be the exact opposite when confronted by someone with deeply held religious views. Now my study is coming to an end on here, I'll admit that I myself am not deeply religious yes I would like to think there is a God but being the sort of sceptical person I am I need physical proof.

    I've been replicating this sort of argument over the last year or so on different forums and social media outlets, the overall consensus is one of intolerance towards anyone with a deeply religious viewpoint, on gay people, sex before marriage and attitudes towards other faiths. The one striking thing out of all this is that those who class themselves as atheist are the ones with most intolerant views towards those who hold the polar opposite views of theirs.

  5. Something being successful doesn't necessarily make it right though does it? For instance some people have successfully got away with murder, not sure you'd want to be teaching your children to do that though!

    your missing the point though Paul and equating holding religious beliefs that differ than yours to someone who condones murder. It's been a really enlightening social study on people's behaviour and tolerance towards deeply held religious beliefs, so,e feel threat end others outraged and some view all things in life with common sense, the latter appears rather sparse here though.
  6. I feel that anything, anyone that tries to remove free thinking and imposes on a persons free will is wrong, what ever the cause, method or reason.

    To a certain extent I agree with that Jax, but how many parents influence their children's future be it through political, religious, or social views. It's all part of human nature and it's when we become adults that we can truly view the world with an open mind  and make decisions by ourselves.

  7. Very unhealthy for a child to be cocooned by religious teachings from parents, as when child enters adulthood as an independent much adjustment needs to be made for some... as it quickly becomes apparent that humanity is more complex and diverse ( and more beautiful  ) than the narrow based jargon that was taught

    But one could argue the very same for politics, and their view on life in general Styx, up you have to remember we are all different and certainly don't think alike. One mans beliefs is another mans anger, humanity has had these sort of arguments since the beginning of time, whether that is through religion, politics, or fear, these arguments will always continue even without religion.
  8. How about children being brainwashed into religious or intolerant views by their parents? Despite not believing in God or any kind of religion, if I had kids I would NEVER attempt to make them think the same. I would let them decide for themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of religious parents feel they have to feed the same questionable views to their children, which IMO is inherently wrong.

    But you could argue the same for political and emotional viewing of the world both of which can be equally as destructive. All children are hard wired by their surroundings Nick, so what is one persons right way of viewing the world is another's opposite.
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  9. I notice in the religious thread on SD the word evil has crept in. I have always found this interesting as I have never been totally sure what it means. It is a human construct and seems to mean different things to different people.


    On occasion over the years the word has cropped up in conversation and when I've asked the person what exactly do they mean when they say a person is evil it tended to initiate a slow glazing of the eyes. Noting this I have carefully made sure I've removed the word when discussing such things in case I get asked the same question.


    Roy F. Baumeister writes:


    Evil usually enters the world unrecognized by the people who open the door and let it in. Most people who perpetrate evil do not see what they are doing as evil. Evil exists primarily in the eye of the beholder, especially in the eye of the victim. If there were no victims, there would be no evil. True, there are victimless crimes (for example, many traffic violations), and presumably victimless sins, but they exist as marginal categories of something that is defined mainly by the doing of harm. Try to imagine a society in which nobody ever did anything that had any sort of bad effect on anyone else. VVhat would the police have to do? Would there even be police?


    If victimization is the essence of evil, then the question of evil is a victim's question. Perpetrators, after all, do not need to search for explanations of what they have done. And bystanders are merely curious or sympathetic. It is the victims who are driven to ask, why did this happen? Why did those soldiers shoot my family? Why did that woman plant a bomb on that bus? Why did those boys beat me up? Why did my grandfather force me to have sex with him? As a general pattern, suffering stimulates a quest for meaningful explanation.1 The idea that suffering is random, inevitable, and meaningless has never been satisfactory to most people, and victims desire specific explanations. Evil is a partial explanation, and many victims can be satisfied (at least for a while) by concluding that their attackers were evil. But in the long run, evil needs to be explained, too.


    Evil challenges some of our most basic and important assumptions about the world, and so the question of why there is evil goes to the heart of the human being's place in the universe. The great thinker St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that the existence of evil in the world is the single greatest obstacle to Christian faith and doctrine. In other words, nothing undermines the Christian belief in God more than the existence of evil. If God is aU-good and all-powerful, how can God allow evil to happen?


    More recently, studies by social scientists have emphasized that most people in modern- Western society go through life with strong positive beliefs that the world is basically a nice place in which to live, that life is mostly fair, and that they are good people who deserve to have good things happen to them. 3 Moreover, these beliefs are a valuable aid to happy, healthy functioning. But suffering and victimization undermine these beliefs and make it hard to go on living happily or effectively in society. Indeed, the direct and practical effects of some trauma or crime are often relatively minor, whereas the psychological effects go on indefinitely.


    The body may recover from rape or robbery rather quickly, but the psychological scars can last for many years. A characteristic of these scars is that the victims lose faith in their basic beliefs about the world as fair and benevolent or even in themselves as good people. Thus, evil strikes at people's fundamental beliefs.


    Roy F. Baumeister, EVIL:Inside human violence and cruelty


    So what is evil? Answers on a postcard to.....................................................

    That's an excellent article by Roy Baumeister and sums up my own thought s on the matter.

  10. To quote RD again.


    “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.â€

    So it's not something you read a lot of then.Posted Image

  11. This thread just re-asserts my belief that the world would be far better off if religion had never been invented.

    And it reasserts my belief that most people are bigots of anything that doesn't meet the liberal way of thinking, you yourself are a prime example of such. Im not surprised educational standards at universities have declined since I was last there, as now the main thesis seems to be on anti religion and liberalism.
  12. Did it really?!  Well good luck to those that believe such claptrap.  Keep it to yourselves and stop trying to impose such nonsense on others trying to get on with their own lives in an inclusive community and rejoice in your salvation from your God and meanwhile enjoy being embittered until you die.

    Im not preaching though merely expressing a viewpoint, which the last time I checked I was allowed to do. Again I'll pose the question of what is wrong with not condoning something you feel isn't right, not once I've said anything hateful, unlike some of the replies directed at me. So again I'll state I don't approve of homosexuality, , that's not the same as saying hang me high, or beat them up, I'm just stating I don't condone it. Obviously on here that's a big crime as freedom of speech is a one way street, and as long as that street is liberalism freedom of speech will be condoned.
  13. Unless their bigoted parents taught them otherwise.  


    *because they were wearing the wrong coloured football top

    *because they were a woman and not wearing a veil

    *because they were a woman kissing a woman

    *because they were a person with disabilities who shouldn't have a child

    *because they were eating bacon

    *because they were a female vicar

    *because they were a single parent

    *because they were an inter-racial straight couple


    * delete depending on your own ignorance and insecurities or what some book published by a group of people who'd just discovered recording the folklore of their time in printed form two thousands years ago thought was right and still offers comfort to those whose life 'could have been so much more' if they'd bothered to apply themselves and are now embittered before they die anyway...

    Actually the old testament predates that shugee.

  14. If this wasn't so ridiculous it would be laughable. People tend to kiss because they love each other - regardless of their sex. Most people wouldn't find that particularly tricky to explain. 

    I do and obviously you can't accept my viewpoint as much as I except yours. I will continue to express my views on any subject on this matter, call me a bigot or any other name you like  but I won't let you or anyone else shout me down. 

  15. Oh Richard D you were so right.


    “Faith can be very very dangerous, and deliberately to implant it into the vulnerable mind of an innocent child is a grievous wrong.â€

    As can any parents views on life can be, so your point is irrelevant knocker as one parents strong held belief is another's one to mock. Also can I add where I've I said hateful things about gay people, just because I don't approve doesn't make me hateful, or is it more a case of many on here having liberal attitudes and finding those who don't right wing bigots. The mind boggles because I've gone to great lengths stating I only disapprove, would you or anyone else not stand and fight for what you think is morally right?

  16. What's wrong with 2 people kisisng in public? Personally I'd rather they did it in private, but it's always been something which society seems to tolerate. Have you ever kissed your wife in public? It's the same thing .....

    Indeed I have and your point is invalid as you wouldn't have to explain to a child why a man and a woman are kissing.

  17. This post is so sad. If you are teaching your children that homosexuality is wrong then that's sick.


    The contradiction in this post is astonishing! You find racism unacceptable, but homophobia is fine and encouraged in your book?! Good grief. 

    Excuse me, that's your opinion and your calling my parenting skills which I can assure you are just as good as the next persons. How would you like it if I was to question your parents attitude to life and how they brought you up. No you wouldn't would you, this is why this country is in the state it's in with liberal attitudes which only condones those who think like them and then venomously attacks anyone who doesn't. 

  18. So, er. you don't show anything but tolerance towards others .....I don't see why blokes have to kiss one another. But then I dont see why women do either. Or men and women. But I wouldn't take offence at them doing so.

    You miss the point as tolerance works both ways, why should I find it acceptable for two men to kiss in front of my 11 year old daughter. I would also stand up to any being racist in public as well in front of my daughter, of course the liberals will find this acceptable  whereas I stand up for what I believe in period.

  19. So? If it seems science can't provide an answer, scientists continue on working until they find it. If it turns out that science cannot provide an answer, then that's just the way it is. You don't import a god into the equation.


    But what I think you're really saying, SI, is that you hope science can only take us so far with the 'how we are here' problem.  Means you can keep that crutch of religion by your side.


    As for 'why' we are here... go to bed.

    Weird post, but of course I don't hope that as I'm an inquisitive person by nature and for me that would be an astounding find. I've got to have my tea and biscuits before bed and it's a little early for them just now.Posted Image

  20. You are on the record in the other thread as saying that you observed two men showing intimacy to each other at a restaurant some time ago, and you intervened to stop them, and found it funny that your physical size may have threatened them into submission.


    Christians are supposedly not  hypocrites so you fail right there.

    When two men are kissing in front of my children I then take offence as that then goes against what I teach my children, I certainly didn't find it funny as I was merely making fun of my own physical stature and how I can look intimidating to others, anyone who knows me would have me down a gentle giant.

  21. I understand what you are saying Triple but as for respecting other people's views a simple true story.


    Not many years ago the boss at the station I was at commented to me that he would vehemently oppose women or gays being posted to his station. Being quite appalled I asked him why. He said women normally have to have a couple of days sick every month and gays just caused disruption. It took me half a second before telling him in no uncertain terms what I thought of him and his opinions and ended by suggesting he escalate (it was the in word then) his opinion up to line management.


    So in a nutshell, he had every right to make that personal observation and hold that opinion but I sure as hell didn't have to agree with it. Personal opinions of this nature do have consequencies.

    That for me is a no no, what a person does behind closed doors or there gender has no bearing in the workplace or like.

  22. So just to clarify, I give my opinion on your views and I'm enforcing my view on you.  Yet you give your opinion and you're not enforcing your view on anyone, not entirely sure how that works..


    My post is not hateful it's solely filled with disbelief and anger that people such as yourself continue to pedal their view and expect people to accept it - you're welcome to your view if that's what you want to believe, you're even welcome to share it if you really want to, but blame others for finding it unacceptable as it is imo deeply unpleasant. 


    I'm not judging you or your views based on any prejudice, I'm simply basing my opinion on what I've seen you write. Unfortunately for you, you seem to want to let your prejudices blind you - gay people are still humans, you probably know a few although I'm guessing they're unlikely to tell you that based on your opinions of them. I just don't see how you can go about telling people that because of they're the person they were born as that they are 'wrong' and that you won't 'accept them' - honestly how can you think that's acceptable? And also, how do you think a gay person reading that is likely to feel?


    It all feels a bit un-Christian to me, loving thy neighbour, showing tolerance etc. How can you be tolerant of someone if you're saying that you don't accept them and consider them to be wrong?

    I've never shown anything but tolerance towards others as I spent 20 years as a Mental Health Nurse and not once have my views come into conflict with my work, in fact I've nursed some of societies  worst  ranging from rapist, pedophiles and murders and all things in-between, not that I'm suggesting that gay people are anything like those for one minute. These are my views and I wouldn't discriminate against gays in either work or social life, it still means I don't approve of same sex partnerships and if that makes me a bigot in todays intolerant liberal society then so be it.

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