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  1. Another damp squib for many in the NW of England. Temp here 4.2c after enduring cold rain for most of the morning. I hate easterlies with a passion, only two have delivered in 34 years. Fingers crossed for a pattern change.

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    2. UV-RAY


      No this a blocking hightto our NE/ East, I'm referrring to a proper NW blast with air sourced from Greenland/ Norther Canada, aka January 1984

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      If only NW'lys were generally cold enough- in terms of potency January 1984 was to NW'lys as January 1987 was to E'lys!

      A February 1996 style frontal event for the NW is not out of the question in the current setup though.

    4. UV-RAY


      I agree TWS, January 84 was a rather unusual setup, February 96 brought one of heaviest falls on record. Off course these are rare events, but Easterlies bar the 96 and 78/79 ones rarely deliver away from pennine locations.

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