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  1. Made first contact with a decent publisher today, hopefully a deal can be thrashed out and a publishing date TBC.

  2. There never is as it's always into the distant future, but back on planet earth we have seen no rise in global surface temps for 17 years. Big bad CO2 is certainly proving a handful for the alarmist call to arms as it's continually refusing to play ball with their projections of mass warming anytime soon.
  3. I'd say Ian Pennell's forecast was a fantastic effort, highly informative with sound reasoning as to why he felt this winter would pan out like it has. In fact I would go as far too say it's the best and most accurate LRF I've seen, now for the tricky bit can he follow it up for Spring/Summer. Over to you Ian!
  4. Lol, well that's the coldest summer on record almost guaranteed then now,what makes me laugh is their predictive success rate of the last two years. All and sundry got that prediction right, as for a El Nino, I expect a weak nino to develop throughout the summer and my track record is as good as anyones on these matters.
  5. This is quite an interesting article on the present cycle which these guys called correctly and the next one. http://www.cdejager.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013-CdeJ-HN-Sun-climate-NS-5-1112.pdf
  6. I think my social study on people's attitudes towards deeply held religious beliefs highlights how deeply divided communities are. This has been very enlightening at how people who call themselves tolerant are shown to be the exact opposite when confronted by someone with deeply held religious views. Now my study is coming to an end on here, I'll admit that I myself am not deeply religious yes I would like to think there is a God but being the sort of sceptical person I am I need physical proof. I've been replicating this sort of argument over the last year or so on different forums and social media outlets, the overall consensus is one of intolerance towards anyone with a deeply religious viewpoint, on gay people, sex before marriage and attitudes towards other faiths. The one striking thing out of all this is that those who class themselves as atheist are the ones with most intolerant views towards those who hold the polar opposite views of theirs.
  7. your missing the point though Paul and equating holding religious beliefs that differ than yours to someone who condones murder. It's been a really enlightening social study on people's behaviour and tolerance towards deeply held religious beliefs, so,e feel threat end others outraged and some view all things in life with common sense, the latter appears rather sparse here though.
  8. To a certain extent I agree with that Jax, but how many parents influence their children's future be it through political, religious, or social views. It's all part of human nature and it's when we become adults that we can truly view the world with an open mind and make decisions by ourselves.
  9. But one could argue the very same for politics, and their view on life in general Styx, up you have to remember we are all different and certainly don't think alike. One mans beliefs is another mans anger, humanity has had these sort of arguments since the beginning of time, whether that is through religion, politics, or fear, these arguments will always continue even without religion.
  10. But you could argue the same for political and emotional viewing of the world both of which can be equally as destructive. All children are hard wired by their surroundings Nick, so what is one persons right way of viewing the world is another's opposite.
  11. That's an excellent article by Roy Baumeister and sums up my own thought s on the matter.
  12. So it's not something you read a lot of then.
  13. And it reasserts my belief that most people are bigots of anything that doesn't meet the liberal way of thinking, you yourself are a prime example of such. Im not surprised educational standards at universities have declined since I was last there, as now the main thesis seems to be on anti religion and liberalism.
  14. Im not preaching though merely expressing a viewpoint, which the last time I checked I was allowed to do. Again I'll pose the question of what is wrong with not condoning something you feel isn't right, not once I've said anything hateful, unlike some of the replies directed at me. So again I'll state I don't approve of homosexuality, , that's not the same as saying hang me high, or beat them up, I'm just stating I don't condone it. Obviously on here that's a big crime as freedom of speech is a one way street, and as long as that street is liberalism freedom of speech will be condoned.
  15. Actually the old testament predates that shugee.
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