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  1. I watched the BBC documentary 'Cruel Sea' about this, I found it really emotional listening to the radio transmissions when it became obvious all lives had been lost.

    This is a lovely tribute ...

    As coldfingers has said we should all support the Lifeboat charity, even those of us who don't live by the sea can find ourselves needing their help when we are on holiday. I've been on a boat that could quite easily have got into trouble in a rough sea but thankfully it turned around and we got safely back into the harbour.

    Thats why i suport them

  2. I rember this, i went to school at the time. We all made snow shoes out of tenis rackets and one day school was off ( due to a power fail) and me and my dad went fishing in the local river through a hole we smashed useing a sledge hammer. Ahhhhhhhhh good times :)

  3. Due to the artic being at the top of the world, how can global warming be the most effective there? I read in the daily mail that it is one of the most effected areas. Well, i disagree with that it hardly produces any Global warming so it is the other countrys effecting it. Thats what the daily mail did not make clear so really it is not the most effected country as it is not at the source of it unlike america which is one of the main sources so as it is not overhead as MUCH (i'm not saying it isnt as i know it is). So if the USA was at the top and was full of ice would'nt it be worse? so really i think there is not much saying its as bad there it is worse in the main countrys in my opiniun.

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