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  1. december 2010 london, how much snow did we get?

    1. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      5 Snowfalls I think...

  2. How many of you would be intrested in a website that you can report severe weather, it also goes into a archie

    1. vortex_liam


      archive which you can view!

      also we would do storm forecasts

    2. Mesoscale


      yeah interesting but isn't that what torro and now netweather do?

    3. vortex_liam


      Yeah i suppose but its a bit of fun for me..

  3. Did you see Tim samasas as i thought he teamed up with sean?
  4. Anyone got a nice widescreen image off a storm preff in the uk? That wouldnt mind it being put on a website?

  5. I can't get into the chat room. It says contact a admin. Any idea's?

  6. I picked my nose today.
  7. trying to fix my really old ibm thinkpad 600e that asks for the xp instalation disks. Anyone know how to just put a fresh install of ubunt?

  8. Very foggy here, hardly can see across the road.

  9. Sorry, for being a bit inactive due to personal reasons. Should be back up like i was at the start of the year!

  10. i want rain ... just even a shower not rained here for a weeks :S not 1 shower

  11. 22 max today :p 21.5 ATM :D

  12. Country roads take me home... (8) - john denver