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  1. I used to respect and even admire you, and now this. Breaks my heart
  2. Last year was mostly a lesson in how much the preceding week matters. If anything we should be looking at a forecast for a fortnight rather than the five days so that we know what the ground will be like. Great to have your Glastonbury forecasts back @J10, can't wait for the first one.
  3. You can't possibly do a weather forecast this far out. All that we have so far is variations on the norm for the month, so the UK might be a little bit drier than average and a little bit warmer than average and this can still hold true whatever weather we have at the festival. You'll get some idea from 14 days out, more data from 10 days out, a pretty good idea at 5-7 days out and a proper forecast at 3 days out (although 3 days out from the Sunday is the Thursday when most people are already there). There are several different sources of data and so the more these align, the more confide
  4. Have a look at http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=nwdc;sess= Just pick the chart type from the drop down box and the time from the grid
  5. Unisys seems fine to me now, but doesn't is just repackage GFS data anyway?
  6. Welcome back WoW. You've been unmasked on the GlastoWatch forum and so now we all know what you look like :-)
  7. Time to get excited about Glastonbury when the JackOne forecast start! I'm going to hold off on optimism until we get into GFS range at least. Welcome back everyone.
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