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  1. Highest daily rainfall here 67mm and still heavy. Previous high here was 65mm on Good Friday 1998. Roads in many areas were flooded including both pavements.
  2. I Tried that back on the 19th July 2017 when we had a decent overnight storm, on an old iPad 2nd generation and it worked reasonably well - limited by the poor camera. Not used it since, as storms have either missed here or I was doing other things during the good ones.
  3. If it uses the same data logger as the VP2, I have one you can have, when I replaced my 2002 VP2 with a new one in 2015, the old data logger was no longer compatible as the new VP2 had the latest V3.x firmware which wouldn't recognise the original unit. It's currently "stored" in the old redundant VP2 console. I've just had a look on the Davis site and it appears the data logger for the Weather Wizzard III is considerably different to the VP2 unit. It appears to be an external fairly large box which connects to a socket on the WW3 and then connects to that Davis A.T 9 pin adapter. The VP2 one is a small 30mmx20mmx10mm approx unit with 20 pin socket on it which fits in the back of the VP2 console.
  4. Does it use the same logger as the original Vantage Pro 2?
  5. As we have been having some significant wet weather in the area, I discovered my VP2+ (old style no spikes) rain gauge had become blocked, and while surrounding stations were recording 50-100mm nearby I managed about 2 - the rain gauge cone however was pretty much filled - 18mm from the top. Anyone know how to approximate a rainfall reading from that - as despite best efforts to unblock the gauge slowly it cleared and the flow was too fast for the system to record properly. It managed 135+ double tips, but was being held in place by the flow from the cone at times.
  6. I would guess there was damage to the underground cables - all was ok when ground was dry - now its had some heavy rain, it's got down to where the damage was and caused a short circuit - causing the moisture to turn to steam as it heats - if if happens quickly enough it then causes the cable to fail. It's quite an experience when it happens nearby - ground shaking. We had a problem here in the 90s after cable tv was installed and they damaged the power cables, nothing happened until it rained then smoke / flames and ground shaking happened several times - and continued happening each time it rained until the length of damaged cable was replace.
  7. Looking at the radar - looks like the winds are changing more easterly - as the showers that were hitting Peterborough from the Wash are now going to our north
  8. Just put the bins out in Central Peterborough, and there is about 1.5 inches on the ground and snowing heavily. Looks like the potent shower in the Wash that was heading this way has weakened slightly - still tonights fall is about the most we've had here all winter.
  9. I thought I saw some flashes to the south of Peterborough a few minutes ago as well
  10. All lightning stopped suddenly about 10 mins ago, so unfortunately lightningmaps is working ok
  11. A couple of flashes with thunder in Peterborough in last few minutes
  12. Just had a Heavy hail shower in Peterborough - everywhere gone white for a while, temperature dropped from 6.6C to 4.6C during the shower
  13. Snowing again in central Peterborough - only lightly at the moment, but snow from outset, Temp 2.1c (dropping) Dewpoint -1.4c (rising)
  14. After the initial heavy snow in Peterborough, which gave about 1.5cm accumulation in a short time, as it became lighter, the snow turned to wet snow. then sleet and finally rain, most of the snow has now been washed away. Temps had got down to about 0.4 and dew point to -1.4, but have since risen to 3.4c and DP 1.6c and both still rising.
  15. Heavy snow - large flakes now falling in central Peterborough, and its settling on all surfaces temps 1.3c and dew point -0.9c, before it started to snow temps were +2.2c and dew point was +0.4
  16. Snow falling now, temps still dropping 1.3c and dew point -0.8c
  17. Sleet now in central Peterborough, temps dropped to 2.4c and dew point now 0.1c
  18. Raining in central Peterborough, with temps dropping to 4.4c but dew point rising from 0.4c to 0.8c
  19. Pretty potent wind gusts from cold front - odd gust of 45mph, for a very brief period as it passes through. Strongest wind gust recorded here since Feb last year. Temperature also dropped from 9.7c to 5.9c in a little over 10 mins.
  20. Its finally snowing - fairly heavy - but ground wet from rain so unlikely to stick
  21. The next area of precipitation has arrived - and again its light rain (much lower intensity than what it appears on radar), temperature now up to 1.8c DP still -0.3
  22. Finally something falling from the sky - unfortunately its light rain and temp has increased to 1.6c DP now -0.4c
  23. Its getting warmer in peterborough up to 1.4c now and dew point also gone up to -0.3c
  24. In the centre of Peterborough its now 1.2c and rising and dew point -0.5c which is up from0.2c, dew point -1.7c at 17:11
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