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  1. A couple of flashes with thunder in Peterborough in last few minutes
  2. Just had a Heavy hail shower in Peterborough - everywhere gone white for a while, temperature dropped from 6.6C to 4.6C during the shower
  3. Finally got some flakes in central Peterborough - although temperature and dew point have been rising since dusk here. It was 0.5c dew point -1.8c now 1.7c and DP -1.2c
  4. Looked like some Mammatus as well a few minutes ago over central Peterborough - although just been outside and it feels quite cool in the wind, although temperature is 18.7c and RH is 70% and rising.
  5. Any interesting views from your farm - for photography purposes / trees etc?
  6. Broken the record here for high temperatures (since recording started June 2002 - it was previously 36.2 recorded on the 6th August 2003, today it peaked at 36.3c. Not too bad for July - although too hot for my liking.
  7. Nothing but rain here since about 5:30 - temp +2.1c DP +0.3c
  8. Just had a rain shower in central Peterborough, Temps still a bit on the high side, 2.2c and DP +0.1c although both are very slowly dropping (still have a few small patches of snow from Monday evening left in the shade on the lawn - but mostly all gone now)
  9. The snow has pretty much melted here in central Peterborough, just a slushy mess left on the car roof, still reasonable cover on the lawn and in shady spots, but the temperature is now up to 3.7c and dew point risen to 1.5c
  10. Just had a quick measure now its stopped, and we've had 3.75cm snow in central Peterborough - most since March 2013. Sky is still cloudy, but you can see the moon through the cloud. Temperature 0C DP -1.8 - both are dropping again since snow stopped.
  11. Just been out and measured snow depth on top of car here in Central Peterborough, just over 2cm so far still snowing, although only lightly at the moment
  12. Central Peterborough, snow falling, steady, fairly small flakes - but providing a covering, and for the first time this winter, they are settling on the ground without it melting in any way - temps now 0.7c and falling since the snow started and DP -2.3c up since snow started.