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  1. Frankly given what we had in Nov-Dec, I'm not sure anything can moan about a milder spell we've had recently!

    1. Eugene


      Yes and dont forget the colder thsn average january, if July was 0.5C above you wouldnt hear the last of it

    2. Eugene


      Kold do you really think if we had the equivalent of Nov/Dec/Jan but a near record breaking warmth to end May and the second hottest June on record and then a July 0.5C above average that you would get the same old moaning?

      I know the answer

  2. Is glad things are finally getting going in the Atlantic hurricane season...and happy to see the little tropical forum wake up from hibernation!

    1. cookie


      some of us are always here

  3. Cheers for the comments people!

    Just thought I'd say I have a hurricane blog up and running again, so if you have a keen interest or just want to learn more about the beasts, this will hopefully help out over the next hurricane season:


  4. Howdy everyone, just like to say hope everyone on here enjoys net-weather, and live a full and happy lives!

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