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    You put the GFS in,the CAPE charts out.
    Update the radar and turn around, look out the window and then sit down, n thats what its all about..
    HEY!! OH the kent clipper, oh the kent clipper ,hopecast ,straw clutch RA! RA! RA!.
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  1. The BBC is trying to turn everyone into documentary worshiping atheists.

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    2. Sprites


      Explaining to us that we are just energy, with no purpose, a good way to stop people exploring beyond the stoneage physics that we still use to measure life. . .what bobby said.

    3. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Hahaha commie propaganda? Oh goodness me... the right wing :)

    4. La Bise

      La Bise

      We have never ceased exploring and we will never cease to do so, it's human nature. No need for any childish religious/spiritual guidance to enjoy the beauty of the universe and the miracle of life. And we are not energy but biological being with a finite lifespan, the purpose of our lives is what we make of them. Jeez...

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