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  1. https://zoom.earth/#view=52.0365,0.4599,8.93z/date=2021-07-25,13:00,+1/layers=wind,fires
  2. Your likely too far east to get a storm today. Sudbury and south Suffolk have slightly higher chance.
  3. This developed from altocumulus about 11.30 Looking west towards Cambridge.
  4. OT Is Sutton Bank still the narrow curving steep road as I remember, with the viewpoint at the top. Or has the road layout been changed ?
  5. Question Is the rainfall accumulations option on radar,or app, only for Netweather extra?.
  6. I didn't here thunder yesterday nr BSE, or see any sferics on the maps. There was a heavy shower a few miles to the south around 6pm. Only 1mm here, very localised. Nice photo though.
  7. Monday might see some thunderstorms, with a brief plume and low across the south.
  8. A hint of NLCs through the gap 23.15 yesterday.
  9. Too much cloud here, Norfolk would be clearer.
  10. A swirl in the clouds just now from convergence. More obvious if it's sped up Hope it's ok to add a largish file. PXL_20210702_122203569.mp4
  11. Low chance of an elevated import overnight. Monday and Tuesday has potential ,might just end up wet. Too far out for detail ATM.
  12. Another phone pic from 23.40 on June 23rd
  13. Phone pic nearly full moon behind me
  14. We would have to hope our insurance companies would pay out.
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