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    You put the GFS in,the CAPE charts out.
    Update the radar and turn around, look out the window and then sit down, n thats what its all about..
    HEY!! OH the kent clipper, oh the kent clipper ,hopecast ,straw clutch RA! RA! RA!.
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  1. Two from early yesterday 02.45am ,5 mins walk from home.
  2. Thanks Arnie, They are fascinating, clear skies next week perhaps a few NLC`s around....
  3. Here`s a couple of photos from 2.45 am on the 17th June
  4. Any sign of them this morning? got a few shots on wednesday am, some nice ripples.
  5. A man siitng on the plane says to his mate "those people down there look like ants". His friend replies "they are ants we haven`t taken off yet"?
  6. A few photos and and a video from last Sunday`s Supercell storm in Suffolk. Was unable to drive so luckily i was in it`s track. Video
  7. I thought it was something to do with Lady di and elton bog It is this here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Willy_effect
  8. Yes i hope the summer conditions tomorrow, are better than the autumn conditions today. Although today was only forecast to produce a couple of rumbles..... There was a Waterspout off the Kent coast earlier.
  9. Two fine days and a K*nt clipper... Devon may be a good area for tmrw
  10. Certainly looking mild and cold and dry, with rain wind and settled weather most days at times in the far North and South.
  11. Can see the elevated cloud over that way from the Hogs Back. I know shes put on a bit of weight, but that is a bit OTT. ,going back to bed then may tuck into a bacon bap later cheers, all those bread crumbs and pig flesh to sleep in
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