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  1. Back in 79' the airport was closed in February and I think also March, I live I mile from the airport and the only possible saving grace is that i n those days there was no airport by pass so that could be a saving grace if the snow gets bad enough. Enjoy your holiday.
  2. I have come to the opinion that the computers just have not got a handle on the current SSW as regards to the path to cold so it is still exploring all the avenues before finally deciding the true way, in the meantime it is giving us on hell of a journey.
  3. I profess to know very little re the understanding of SSW 's but would like to ask the following question. I am going back many years ,1962 to be precise, was there a SSW that year as the weather patterns from Mid December did behave in what I would describe an unusual manner. In those days I received DWR's from the met office every day and prior the start of that epic winter I had never observed high pressure cells travelling NNE in the manner that they did.
  4. The comparison between yesterday's GFS 0600z charts and today's is so vast that to me it proves at this moment in time anything can and might still occur. It is fair to say that some preceding charts over the last few days have given high hopes which may well be dashed but as far As I am concerned we are in uncharted territory and despite my own impatience we will have to wait for several more charts to unfold.
  5. I understood that North Sea temperatures were at their lowest in early March , if that is the case we are certainly in the game.
  6. Just seen the 12 noon forecast for the weekend,they do not see it as we do, a bit of snow on the hills Saturday and dry on Sunday, temperatures 5-7c.
  7. The current pattern used to occur more often ( but still infrequently) in the sixties and then as now it appears to be down to last minute now-casting,exciting for we snow lovers but just how long can one hold ones breath.I wonder if in the future forecasting techniques will make it possible to give a better accuracy than we have presently.
  8. I would think it would be better not to criticise those who attempt some sort of long range forecasts if you cannot proffer something sensible yourself.
  9. All easterlies are long shots but they do happen although granted it has been quite a long time since the last one. I think the will it, won't it situation is getting snow lovers down but it's all about the thrill of the chase isn't it?
  10. I can understand the reticence of members now when anything remotely resembling an easterly shows its face but they do happen,what is clear to me is that none of the large computers can fathom just what is going on,perhaps it is time to give them a rest for a couple of day, come back refreshed for the next attempt at a successful cold spell be it an easterly or something else.
  11. Way back in the classic winter of 62-63 there were a few times when the met office hinted at a similar thing but as we know most if not all attempts to replace the cold failed. it must be a nightmare for the forecasters to get these situations right and they are quite correct to hedge their bets Imo.
  12. Your rose coloured spectacles do up credit Frosty.
  13. I think there we a few back in 1947 at the start of that infamous Jan / Feb. Cannot think of many or any since.
  14. No real signs of the beast but yes it could be lurking for about 19 th of January,in the meantime happy new year to one and all . ( must stop drinking- New Years resolution).
  15. I remember it well,the day you are referring to was a Wednesday and the 8 am temperature was zero with next to no wind,by 9am it was -5c z and blowing a hoolie from the east and blowing heavy snow,I walked from the uni into town and was frozen stiff and looked somewhat like an abominable snowman when I arrived at my destination!