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  1. Bit of moderate rain here at the moment but as seem usual these days no thunder or lightning.
  2. Thanks Stodge,May is often a time for cool North East winds in my area so it is not unusual,I would prefer the first option that you mention but as ever it is wait and see developments.
  3. Unbroken sunshine here since sun-up,not warm unless you are out of the pesky easterly wind. Suits me though great for gardening.
  4. ,Oh dear Steve Murr out of early hibernation and very snowy possibilities,showing their face in FI that I really want to see the daffodils smashed my a few temporary inches of wet snow. Let's leave it to November 2017 to make up for this very very disappointing winter.
  5. Quite right afer March 21st even the the best snowfalls that just might occur melt pretty quickly here up till then there is an outside chance that it may last a couple of days,given that this winter we have had about half a day of lying snow the chances appear pretty slim.
  6. Totally still here as well but do not knock it as further south it must be getting pretty bad or will be,the worst winds are always south of the centre. I am off to Rothbury so it could be an interesting journey as the Northerlies kick in.
  7. Just a dusting this a.m. But been dry ever since,tonight might bring a surprise bu would be short lived anyway.
  8. It has been dry and overcast here all morning and there was the slightest coving of Graupel on my car first thing. we d seem to be clutching at straws this winter thus far.
  9. Just damp here ,haven't seen sight nor sound of anything white thus far.
  10. Hi again David,the gnashing of teeth at the moment reminds me of early February 63' particularly in Newcastle,I forget the exact date (could check) but the forecast for the next day showed a depression off the S.W. approaches pushing mild weather North eastwards into Scotland however I woke up to find light snow falling and that the low had decided to move eastward prolonging the long cold spell by quite some time. I know times are different what with global warming etc but I find it incredible to think that what to me in the past has always proved a durable cold spell of at least two weeks could disappear down the pan so rapidly.
  11. hi BB 62-63, I to remember those charts you refer to,indeed the met office used send me blank charts which I filled in from he shipping forecast so I could draw a more satisfactory one.

    You are so right in your memories of the easterlies of the 60's to 80's and I remember so well the excitement engendered when they threatened. I enjoy your posts very much and do keep posting.

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    2. Rollo


      HI David,thanks for the reply, I have amongst some of my old weather charts the charts of December to March 62-63 and they do make fascinating reading,I was far too young to have any for 46-47,but I remember clearly going to the Met office in London and meeting the first BBC forecasters in the late fifties who were so nice and wrote down several books which I should read and I suppose even  though showing an interest prior to this  they fired my life long interest in meteorology. I find Easterlies in winter one of the best developments there is and loom forward with baited breath to the next few weeks (hoping that we are not let down this time. Regards Mike.

    3. Bring Back1962-63

      Bring Back1962-63

      Hi Mike,  Yes those 62-63 charts are wonderful to drool over. As easterlies are so much rarer these days, I fell that the models struggle to handle the persistence of blocks and younger forecasters have less experience in handling the finer detail despite all the modern tools available to them. In my full weekly report yesterday (on page 105 of the winter model thread), I described different types of easterlies and the longevity of them. The income cold is deeper than most of models show or have yet to factor in. I am delighted with the progress (page 112 this morning. Hopefully this will become a memorable cold spell and cheer up many of the forum members who have been chasing this through several barren winters.  Kind regards, David

    4. Rollo


      Morning David, So all those charts promising nirvana to we cold lovers virtually came to nought. The more I think about the current situation in recent winters I begin to wonder if indeed Global warming might be at least be partly the reason. As you and I remember a Scandinavian High used to  ( at least  90% of the time) promise a good snowy spell here in the North East,the breakdown when it came was for the most part from fronts attacking the high frow the west or south wast which often prolonged the cold. Not now it appears,what are your views on this . As ever we will survive the disappointment but time is runing out,I am one of those who after about the third week of March begin to look for warmth so I can get on the golf course, regards Mike.

  12. Following this thread on a-occaison reminds me of the song--"I'm always chasing rainbows" maybe one day we will find our pot of gold!
  13. I will try that again,I see you are a bridge player,a good night at the table alleviates the pain of of a failed easterly sometimes!

    1. Bring Back1962-63

      Bring Back1962-63

      I used to play my bridge with my friends who lived in the bottom of the Rickmansworth frost hollow, where I set up my weather station from 1989 until 2006. More details of this lower down in my profile/status reports. Speak later this evening. D

  14. Thanks for the charts BBS2,ah happy memories,I see you are a bridge players good night at the table alleviates the pain of a failed mastery sometimes|