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  1. Give Allardyce a chance,I never thought for one minute he could save Sunderland last season but the miracle happened (needs to happen again this year). He certainly does not appear to me to be what England needs but then again other than the proverbial miracle what chance have they?
  2. Absolutely beautiful here today,temperature currently 22c with next to no wind,shame about tomorrow though.
  3. So after a nondescript winter we now look like having a nondescript summer, followed by a nondescript winter perhaps,ah the vagaries of the British climate.
  4. I have never looked at this thread before so let me wish all those with illness problems a speedy recovery. I have just returned from a cruise and on the first night (it was 2-30 am) I fell into the shower as the shipped pitched and did some damage to my leg ,now 2 weeks later it still hurts nothing broken although on my visit to hospital the next day the x-ray machine was knackered so had to wait for my return home to confirm this,hey golf will just have to wait a little longer.
  5. Heavy showers in the past hour,cool and breezy,just like summer!
  6. Third dull day in a row and feels rather cold for June,however this mornings rain has moved away. Its more like November than June.
  7. Beautiful here,been gardening and it now feels pretty warm,a week of this sounds great,but has the muck cleared from the coast yet?
  8. The return of the dreaded sea fog threatens later in the week,go west or better North West folks.
  9. Just started to rain,temperature 4c.
  10. Weather here at 7-30am.overnight snow pellets and thick white frost presented the wintriest scene of this so called winter,but all had melted by 9am. Better than nothing I suppose.
  11. Wake up this am to a very slight dusting if small snow pellets on the rooftops,west facing rooftops still retain some despite the temperature in the sun registering 8c,pathetic but this so called winter just about worth mentioning.
  12. Even if the ECM is wrong Paul most of the snow lovers( me included) have long since run out of patience. time is of an essence now and while these quiet cold/ cool sunny days are certainly to be enjoyed after the last two virtually snowless years a third one would be hard to take,c'est la Guerre I suppose.
  13. Your optimism is sorely needed at the moment BFTP, and somehow I begin to think you are onto something.