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  1. Tell me about it John ,having lived either right on the coast in Sunderland or these days in Newcastle, a depressing easterly can last for days in spring with a cold wind and totally overcast skies and of course the wind accentuates the cold. Look west one can often see brightness towards the west and then hearing about the comparative warmth to the west only makes it worse.
  2. As I look out of the window and see the snow bleaching down I takes me back to the famous winter of 47' . Truly memorable and I hope you guys do not have to wait so long for another beast. Perhaps the next one will be in midwinter and last for some time. Personally I am now ready for some southerly plumes.
  3. Most likely in the early hours of Saturday morning for quite an extended period,possibly sooner depending on your elevation.
  4. Nice post Daniel,snow does indeed bring the best out of people, I certain Bly concur that it has been a long time ng wait even up her in the North East but ell worth waiting for,lets raise a glass for the next freeze!
  5. That may well be true but remember good Northerly is long overdue and that can last 10 days. That will hopefully be for next winter and just what is normal for our climate? Seems to me even without an SSW we are in with a good chance of some type of colds spells next year,hopefully during winter rather than Spring
  6. I am not sure but it appears we have light rain (freezing) or fine snow at present.
  7. A further remark on the word GRAUPEL. I first heard it years ago in a programme hosted by Alan Coren, they gave 4 definitions of the word and only one was right it was fun. Anyhow I used it as my password on Net Weather years ago.
  8. Certainly is cold and looks like quita a bit more to come, snow wise we have only had a few flurries this morning but from the wind direction we could get more at any time. This is your SSW in full swing.
  9. Made it back from Jesmond but the roads were becoming pretty icy and snowy with snow drifting across the road, whilst in Jesmond area had a vivid flash of lightning and a big clap of thunder around 4 pm.
  10. Thanks FP, my worry are the other drivers who might get stuck in front of me but hey ho we will give it a go.
  11. Leaving Ponteland in about an hour to try to get to TESCO and then to The Nuffield in Jesmond for my wife's physio, should be an interesting and hairy journey,wish me luck.
  12. Predicting cold is easier than predicting snowfall ,I would have thought it is near impossible for our area to remain snowless,I urge patience and we will be rewarded.
  13. I would not be to concerned about the snow at next weekend as everything is still up in the air( pun not intended) as it could well herald the breakdown but still to far in the weather future for anything to bother with just yet. Enjoy your snow holidays,I wonder if the bookies are taking bets on snow depths.
  14. GFS does go off on one from time to time, it is most likely wrong but the annoying thing is it does sometimes get it right. BUT it is well in the future in weather teams so enjoy the fun and games meanwhile. For what it is worth I am with Catacol on this one.
  15. This promises to be a once in a lifetime event but trying to second guess how much of the white stuff will accumulate will drive you mad, our area will get plenty and not long to wait now, as to The GFS breakdown it is best left to later next week. I have seen lows battling against entrenched cold before but they quite often give up and fill and slide east. I think after a week of road chaos and bitter temperatures many will be ready for the delayed spring when it should arrive.