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  1. I was lucky enough to have been around for the winters of 46-47 and 62-63, my memories of tehwinter of 46-47 were of persistant heavy snowfalls from mid January until early March,this occuring within 3 miles of the east coast. 62-63 lasted longer but having moved 12 miles to Newcastle for some reason I expected bigger snowfalls, this was not the case ,the snow and cold lasted longer but the severest weather appeared to be reserved for the South and South East of the UK. I must mention winter 78-9 which as far as I can recall ran the 46-47 winter very close with regards to the copious snowfalls we experiences especially the falls of 13-14th of February and 13-14th March, these we indeed memorable.
  2. At my writers club this week we had to write a short story on one of the things that made me happy,this is what I wrote in the 15 minutes allowed. It was a dark dreary winters morn,Henry opened his curtains,he looked at the clock,8-30 and it was still dark ,he shuffled back to his bed but sleep would not return so he got up dressed,had breakfast and noticed as he gazed out at his flowerless garden that the odd flake of snow was appearing through the drizzle,this always intrigued him how could snow if it fell cover a wet soggy ground. Outside the world was changing,a thin layer of slush now covered the ground as the sleet turned to snow and slowly the world in his eyes was becoming a more beautiful place, the snow got heavier and heavier and the bushes started to look like marshmallows,he could wait no longer,wellies on and his heavy coat and thick scarf and off he went, it seemed heaven had descended on the earth. There was hardly any traffic and children were coming out of their houses with their sledges,he felt a slight thud on his back,turned round and saw a cheeky young boy had thrown a snowball at him, he scooped up some soft snow and returned the favour and the fight such as it was commenced, other children appeared and soft missiles were appearing everywhere. Henry felt young again,the weight of his 65 years disappearing from his body,the kids went running off in different directions and quiet descended,he just stood there in the silence breathing in the peace happiness and tranquillity that he felt. He started walking along his road,the storm must have deposited at least 8 inches by now and it still continued to fall ,the occasional car drove slowly by it a thick white mantle, Henry wanted this day to last forever. *This is an adapted memory from my youth.
  3. I am with you Carinthian, I was 10 years old in the winter of 1947 and have wonderful memories of the deep falls we had near the coast in Sunderland, when we moved to Newcastle without the immediate coast close by some of the snowstorms were great with the occasional fall of up to 12 inches but as you know in recent years snow has become almost a rarity on low ground in the North East,the last memorable fall or should I say falls were December 2010 when we had 4x6 inch falls giving me a level 24 inches in my back garden. You are quite right about the sixties even excluding 1962-3 most had a few good falls. 79 was an amazing winter in the North East a few years ago I put some details of it on the memories site. Let us hope for something snow lovers like borh of us can enjoy although at 83 I have to be careful where I sledge!
  4. Damian,you must be one of the younger members as I have heard od none of thse songs. We could have September in the rain (hope not) but I would be pushed to think of any song for October other than Autumn Leaves
  5. It is certainly grim here today, cold and cloudy more like december,oh when will the sun shine again.
  6. Rollo

    In Memoriam

    Willie Wolf a reform synagogue rabbi died 2 days ago,a real character they made an hour long film about him,he loved going to Ascot dressed inhis morning suit and he loved to have a flutter R.I.P.
  7. Rollo

    3 Word Story

    Broken down house
  8. Rollo

    3 Word Story

    Pointing to the left.
  9. Torrential rain here overnight ,it stopped around 9 am then stayed cloudy and miserable for a while but dry,last 3 hours bright sunshine,current temperature 18.1c
  10. Hi Steve,I noticed that great picture you put on the regional thread on thursday,have you any objections to me sending it to the Cloud Appreciation Society,I will of course credit to you,cheers mate,Mike.

    1. Steve Murr

      Steve Murr

      no worries mate


    2. Steve Murr

      Steve Murr

      send me a link when its done

  11. I would just like to second Joggs thoughts and so nice to see you post again.
  12. It has been clear for the last hour but I think the next hour or two should be more productive,after that the wind may take them offshore.
  13. Just had a 3 minute shower of graupel,turned things whiter, I suspect any snow overnight will be patchy-who will be the lucky ones?
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