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  1. WE have a nice covering from a 10 t0 15 minutes fall and it is still snowing allbeit somewhat lighter.
  2. XxNe a bottle will do me until the next boom charts ( whenever they might be).
  3. Time to take a bottle of Prozac?
  4. i Egret,you post today was so upbeat it really raised my spirits you are obviously a bottle half full person,jut keep posting like that and it might lift the current gloon of some of the members, regards Mike.

    1. egret


      Thanks Rollo, not sure I am particularly optimistic re weather outcomes - I just try and stand back a bit to try and see a wider picture. 


  5. It has been a long wait for snow this year,perhaps next week will see our fist snow cover. I would like to wish all members of this particular thread a very happy and white New Year.
  6. Allright the weather is boring but we are still in mid winter and quite a bit of time remains for cold lovers to get their deserts but lets not get downhearted at the moment ,we go into the New Year tomorrow so a happy healthy one to you all with loads of the white stuff for those who yearn for it.
  7. SSW -what's that more south south weaterly winds! yah boo sucks,says Scrooge, just give me your snow Frosty,Merry Christmas to one and all.
  8. Rollo

    Predictions for 2019?

    The winter of 2019 will go down as the coldest Jan and Feb for 100 years,March ,April and May as the wettest this century,thereafter it depends wether Mr Trump decides to blow us all up,hang on there is a pink elephant at the door.
  9. And of course this is the absolute truth!!!!
  10. How I would love to understand all your post but what little I do I thank you for, Keep on doing it please.
  11. One light shower all day,still very humid and I wait and hope for the storms to arrive but we often miss them here.
  12. Rollo

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Rainfall recorded in Kilburn yesterday was 15.2 mm and it was a deluge.
  13. Heavy rain thunder and lightning in Kilburn for over an hour.
  14. Hi John,jut saw your post and your thought processes are similar to mine,I am off to London on Wednesday to sample their heat for a week,hope you are well.

    1. John Cox

      John Cox

      Hi Mike,

      Great to hear from you and glad you are keeping well. We went from Winter to Summer here in Ireland in the space of 7 days in early May. It was remarkable. We have had some heat here (Even hotter than the UK for some of the time, which in itself is very unusual) that i have not experienced since 1983. It looked like a breakdown was coming next weekend but looking at todays ECM and UKMO that now looks in doubt. I also remember a visit to London in the 80's and the heat was oppressive. You, i am sure are made of strong so enjoy your break.

    2. Rollo


      Thanks John,we must keep in touch in the future. The weather in London whilst pretty warm is not to bad other than going on the tube which yesterday was a nightmare. I feel we will have to put up with further warm weather this month but some areas will get some rain, I just hope Newcastle gets some as my garden is parched despite daily watering,on thing it makes it easier to get the weeds out. Regards and keep well,Mike.

  15. It has been dull and overcast up to now after a brilliantly sunny day yesterday but only warm ot of the wind,today is distinctly chilly and I have my doubts as to any sunshine now,but lets hope.