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  1. I would just like to second Joggs thoughts and so nice to see you post again.
  2. It has been clear for the last hour but I think the next hour or two should be more productive,after that the wind may take them offshore.
  3. Just had a 3 minute shower of graupel,turned things whiter, I suspect any snow overnight will be patchy-who will be the lucky ones?
  4. Exactly the same here North East but if there is any precipitation left later today it will probably turn to snow.
  5. Light rain here,temperature 2.1 c hey ho perhaps a bit later we will get some,just got to keep optimistic!
  6. The forecast for Feb is cold with winds that favour our region although I must say the charts are favouring south westerlies at the moment,that can change and just maybe it will then be our turn. These late cold spells (viz mid Feb to mid March can be very advantageous for those who like the white stuff).
  7. Well yes and no,the longer term prospects have remained positive but member s must be suffering some sort of fatigue from hopes being unfulfilled. i am due to come to Darlo this Saturday (weather permitting)! So if I see anyone on skis I will wave. Regards MIKE
  8. WE have a nice covering from a 10 t0 15 minutes fall and it is still snowing allbeit somewhat lighter.
  9. XxNe a bottle will do me until the next boom charts ( whenever they might be).
  10. i Egret,you post today was so upbeat it really raised my spirits you are obviously a bottle half full person,jut keep posting like that and it might lift the current gloon of some of the members, regards Mike.

    1. egret


      Thanks Rollo, not sure I am particularly optimistic re weather outcomes - I just try and stand back a bit to try and see a wider picture. 


  11. It has been a long wait for snow this year,perhaps next week will see our fist snow cover. I would like to wish all members of this particular thread a very happy and white New Year.
  12. Allright the weather is boring but we are still in mid winter and quite a bit of time remains for cold lovers to get their deserts but lets not get downhearted at the moment ,we go into the New Year tomorrow so a happy healthy one to you all with loads of the white stuff for those who yearn for it.
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