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  1. We in the North East of England certainly did not get the severity of the snowfalls nor the extreme low temperatures. just a continuous top up of around 12 cams of snow, whereas the winter of 78-79 had large falls causing road chaos and occasional big dips in both miniature and maxima. Can it happen again I hope so but with the Azores high taking a position much further North that in those far l flung days I reallly doubt it.
  2. Friends of ours have gone to Mull , what a weeks weather they are going to get.
  3. Rollo

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    As told by Morecombe and Wise.
  4. The North East has been dry for many days, no wind and fair amounts of sunshine, it seems strange these last few days to be in the middle of slow pressure system and get some continuity for the previous high. We do need some rain and I guess later in the week we will get some, however as we usually miss the storms I cannot see that changing.
  5. Same here in the North East , sunny and very warm with scattered cloud with a very light sea breeze, all change come Wednesday but no complaints regarding this summer thus far.
  6. Kold’s reply re future winters is not encouraging at all, I will not be around to see snowless winters winters becoming the norm ( I have to admit even in the North East some winters are getting close to it) but it makes me realise how fortunate I was to be around and young enough to appreciate the winters of 62-63, 78-79, 80-81 and there were of course others. I live in hope foe one more big freeze up—- perhaps 21-22!
  7. Rollo

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    ——and quite frightening.
  8. Well Dom,you have your wish if you have the same as it is here, still overcast windless but still slightly muggy at 19c.
  9. I just spoke to my sister in North London, it was quite hard to hear her over the torrential rain and thunder, Wih it would come here!
  10. Travelling South near Alnwick yesterday to the south there was a nasty cubism, I noticed sea fog suddenly rolling in and in no time it obscured the sky and torrential rain ensued, headlights were needed and windscreen wipers on top speed, after about 20 minutes it just stopped as we ran out of it, I believe there was some thunder but the amount of rain hitting the car roof drowned it out. Checking the radar at home the storm appeared to be heading towards us but dissipated prior to getting to PONTELAND.
  11. Big question. What time will the sun finally break through these low level clouds?
  12. Dull miserable and drizzly seems to be the order for today and tomorrow, not nice.
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