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  1. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Lets hope it is not as bad as forecast,good luck to the whole of Ireland today.We have friends supposed to be flying back from Belfast today.
  2. Your memories are very similar to mine,I too still retain the majority of the DWR's for that epic winterI still can remember when a high over Finland moved slowly south to the Baltic intensifying and then pushed an occlusion back westwards on Boxing Day. The fog in the south tat day was bad and lots of football matches were abandoned,as the front moved west visibilities improved rapidly and the long cold winter began. I suppose it could happen again,but it would seem at this stage to be an outside bet.Just for interest the Americens at the end of January 1963 gave a forecast for Britan for February,a much milder month with temperatures returning to thr Norm-how wrong they were.
  3. 7F2A800F-511F-471D-B0C4-DBBC4AF55E7F.jpeg

    SWe had one that size last evening ,covered in a big bowl and put him outside,I would never kill a spider.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    My daughter is going to the Dominican Republic on The 28th of this month and is very concerned about this very active hurricane season,I have told her it is too soon to know if there is much to worry about but as she is registered disabled can anyone supply any info as to end of September /early October in the area.
  5. woken up at 7 am to heavy rain,thunder and lightening but seems to have moved away ti the east now.
  6. Bit of moderate rain here at the moment but as seem usual these days no thunder or lightning.
  7. Thanks Stodge,May is often a time for cool North East winds in my area so it is not unusual,I would prefer the first option that you mention but as ever it is wait and see developments.
  8. Unbroken sunshine here since sun-up,not warm unless you are out of the pesky easterly wind. Suits me though great for gardening.
  9. ,Oh dear Steve Murr out of early hibernation and very snowy possibilities,showing their face in FI that I really want to see the daffodils smashed my a few temporary inches of wet snow. Let's leave it to November 2017 to make up for this very very disappointing winter.
  10. Quite right afer March 21st even the the best snowfalls that just might occur melt pretty quickly here up till then there is an outside chance that it may last a couple of days,given that this winter we have had about half a day of lying snow the chances appear pretty slim.
  11. Totally still here as well but do not knock it as further south it must be getting pretty bad or will be,the worst winds are always south of the centre. I am off to Rothbury so it could be an interesting journey as the Northerlies kick in.
  12. Just a dusting this a.m. But been dry ever since,tonight might bring a surprise bu would be short lived anyway.
  13. It has been dry and overcast here all morning and there was the slightest coving of Graupel on my car first thing. we d seem to be clutching at straws this winter thus far.
  14. Just damp here ,haven't seen sight nor sound of anything white thus far.