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  1. Just seen that!! I start work at 5pm tomorrow so expect them to kick off around then haha!
  2. Yep! Just been up the hill for a better look, Sadly i havnt seen anymore. Also i soaked my shoes in the tall grass lol
  3. Jeeze the British weather is making me miss living in Africa, When storms are forecast there you get them, Big ones that can last for 6 hours or more. Its also not cold for over half the year which is very nice. If this bloody virus hadn't happened i would be back down there now waiting for the rainy season to start.
  4. That flew pretty much over my house!! Was incredibly low! Pretty sure it was a Chinook. As for the weather... It certainly feels stormy today and the sky has that look to it now
  5. Friend in Aylesbury is reporting lots of thunder and heavy rain, Good luck to them!
  6. Lol that storm over london vanashed just before reaching here, Someone forgot to turn off our storm shield!
  7. Was a direct hit here, Flooded the garden. Hail, lightning the lot!! Only lasted 15mins
  8. Very slowly lol! Looks more likely to head towards Olney then maybe just missing us to our north lol
  9. That shower over Towcester has peaked my interest Can just about see it from here
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