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  1. At this point i would like to see the lights flickering! its not even raining anymore here now
  2. It has been all day but its steadily turning to sleet with a few big blobs of snow here and there!
  3. Just a few minutes till rush hour, always the worst and most likely time for mother nature to strike!
  4. Bah what a joke, saw a bright flash from the cell developing near northampton so drive towards it. soon as im there the lightning stops dead. not a happy bunny :/
  5. Ive almost smoked a whole pack waiting for a single flash! Hope your enjoying it!!
  6. Hhmm to have a beer and call it a night or wait a few more hours....
  7. Bah screw rush hour, ima go take a look at this!
  8. awww its just a wee baby one! Id rather the storms waited till after rush hour... much better chase prospects. Good luck everyone!!
  9. oo is that the first shower building up near Tonbridge?
  10. I have high hopes for today, got the day off work and the car all fueled up!
  11. Im going to put the kettle on in hopes it gives the final bit of heat needed to break the cap here, Its still 22c outside at 9pm!!
  12. I really hope these will stick around after dark!!
  13. Had to google that but yes it might be!
  14. Almost forgot this one of undulating clouds? the camera did this picture no justice it was a beautiful sight!
  15. Great storm chase around the surounding northampton areas today, the sky looked like a painting at times. Got in front of the main cell and the skud was so low it looked just out of reach! Got so dark alot of street lights came on, blooming fantastic day Forgot to take alot of pics but here are a few