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  1. Just been out for a walk up a local hill, Got caught in the rain that just passed here, was rather refreshing but now im back home its even more humid and uncomfortable
  2. All eyes on that cell going up over bracknell, It looks set to explode into life....hopefully!
  3. Tonight is going to be very speacil for some... Fuel up the car and charge your cameras!
  4. Oh jeeze can we all shut up about the weather warnings. Either post about the current weather conditions or fog off
  5. So happy with how last night went down, Best storm chase ive had in the uk thats for sure. wish i had made it up to dunstable downs though! Anyway bring on the next batch, feeling like florida out there today
  6. Fingers crossed! I will be heading out to find a good viewpoint when things have got a little bit closer
  7. Had some great cloud spotting on the way home from work, Fingers crossed for a propper snow day tomorow!
  8. Hey Dami!! All good thanks and yourself? Id imagine so, this setup seems rather speacil!
  9. I woulnt like to guess on how much but im almost certain we will see snow of some amount over the next few days. Tuesday does look pretty good, Keep an eye on the sky from tomorow!
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