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  1. Hhhmm bedford does have a bad habbit of breading storms as aposed to them rolling on through, but hey maybe if we keep our fingers crossed we will get the perfect storm here one day!
  2. Thanks dami It went off like a bomb over our town infact here is a picture of from just a few minutes before lightning was being detected!
  3. What a storm that was! the am freqency was going like hell, Took these pictures after i stopped to let the storm overtake me. Cracking day!
  4. Just followed that line of storms from bedford to a place called Chatteris, was stunning! Unfortunatly its moving to quick to keep up with but im looking as some stunning mamatus clouds right now! will upload some pics when im home. Good luck everyone north of this!!
  5. It is a tad! but im somewhat used to it now, but hey maybe we will be lucky and something can build nearby this afternoon...
  6. Woah just watch the radar from when i went to sleep last night and im impressed with the strength of those storms up north! Hope a few lucky ones got a good show!
  7. I would wait around that area, maybe travel a bit further north? got a feeling something will form around there in a hour or two...
  8. Hello dami, i hope you are well! Ive got all my fingers crossed for us tomorow!
  9. Was just up the hill having a look at that! Has that stormy look to it for sure, but your right we wont get jack here id imagine :/
  10. Haha! well if your going past bedford and want someone to chip in for fuel let me know
  11. Awesome! you heading the same way then?
  12. Tempted to drive towards birmingham in a couple hours time, not sure if it will be worth the fuel though. but hey i wont be sleeping much in this heat tonight anyway. Good luck everyone
  13. Two massive claps of thunder 10 minutes ago followed by pea sized hail, wasnt expecting that today
  14. Just got home, feel like i might have called the chase off to early
  15. In a feild north of london and the activity seems to have died off....