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  1. Oh jeeze can we all shut up about the weather warnings. Either post about the current weather conditions or fog off
  2. So happy with how last night went down, Best storm chase ive had in the uk thats for sure. wish i had made it up to dunstable downs though! Anyway bring on the next batch, feeling like florida out there today
  3. Spectacular growth as it heads into london
  4. Fingers crossed! I will be heading out to find a good viewpoint when things have got a little bit closer
  5. Had some great cloud spotting on the way home from work, Fingers crossed for a propper snow day tomorow!
  6. Hey Dami!! All good thanks and yourself? Id imagine so, this setup seems rather speacil!
  7. I woulnt like to guess on how much but im almost certain we will see snow of some amount over the next few days. Tuesday does look pretty good, Keep an eye on the sky from tomorow!
  8. Go have a look you only live once!
  9. I think its probably going to snow at some point, before it turns back to rain... But ive been wrong before
  10. I would have bet anything first thing this morning that we would have had a snow shower sometime today, But it was a beautiful sunny day lol! All eyes on sunday then...
  11. TheToastPeople

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Haha sorry my bad im making lunch
  12. TheToastPeople

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Heh well lets hope this is as close to nuclear war sky we ever get! Big gust of wind just now, leaves tumbling down... Doom on lol
  13. TheToastPeople

    Hurricane Ophelia

    I can also report a creepy orange sun here, Its been sunset colour since first thing this morning!