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  1. Im just in my car south of northampton, a few rumbles and an angry sky but not much to see just yet. A cell is developing just south of MK it might spread towards before, i will do my best to send it your way dami!
  2. Just wait... any second now... lmao
  3. There seems to be some delay...
  4. The sky has lit up a few times now and one rumble of thunder heard here from the cell over cambridge *Bah sorry this should have posted ages ago.
  5. Now this feels oppressive! Just like evenings ive experienced in south africa right before a big storm moved in... lets cross those fingers everyone!!
  6. Good afternoon Dami! Im all well thanks you! Hows you been? Thats odd it seems to be working for me? though i mostly use there android app now. Storms seem to be making great progress through bay of biscay and into france, looks like they could make it into the channel in the next couple of hours.... Though we have seen them side step past us at this point before but lets just keep our fingers crossed for now eh!
  7. Sat24 already has me drooling!
  8. Hhhmm bedford does have a bad habbit of breading storms as aposed to them rolling on through, but hey maybe if we keep our fingers crossed we will get the perfect storm here one day!
  9. Thanks dami It went off like a bomb over our town infact here is a picture of from just a few minutes before lightning was being detected!
  10. What a storm that was! the am freqency was going like hell, Took these pictures after i stopped to let the storm overtake me. Cracking day!
  11. Just followed that line of storms from bedford to a place called Chatteris, was stunning! Unfortunatly its moving to quick to keep up with but im looking as some stunning mamatus clouds right now! will upload some pics when im home. Good luck everyone north of this!!
  12. It is a tad! but im somewhat used to it now, but hey maybe we will be lucky and something can build nearby this afternoon...
  13. Woah just watch the radar from when i went to sleep last night and im impressed with the strength of those storms up north! Hope a few lucky ones got a good show!
  14. I would wait around that area, maybe travel a bit further north? got a feeling something will form around there in a hour or two...
  15. Hello dami, i hope you are well! Ive got all my fingers crossed for us tomorow!