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  1. Had over an hour now of near constant deep rumbles and a spectacularly angry looking sky just to the east! Glad you lot are having fun it looks like a monster!!!
  2. Business as usual for bedford, We breed them then send them elsewhere most of the time XD
  3. Some propper big rumbles from the storm to our East, gone very dark there too! Regretting not walking to the hill now lol!!
  4. We will just have to wait and see what happens at this point. I suspect they will form rather suddenly somewhere or another in the next 2 hours..
  5. I would like to but currently dont have a car. Will be walking to a hill shortly that overlooks Bedford and gives a good view towards Milton Keynes. I expect you could do well towards the wash later, Good luck!
  6. Im still fondly reminiscing the one on the 24th July, was the best display in years! Then the one later the next morning was very loud and struck a house in Shortstown!
  7. Right im off to the hill. Good luck everyone!! Take lots of pictures if your lucky enough to get a storm¬!!
  8. I suspect so, But cant say for curtain. We will just have to wait and see!
  9. Camera is almost charged. Which means its almost time for a 2 hour walk in this heat to reach a vantage point... I miss having a car lmao. Good luck everyone! But stay safe, some of these storms could be rather nasty....
  10. Indeed! the ground dried almost instantly! This feels like florida today. Maybe i should start walking to the hill again haha.
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