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  1. You are feeling down about the thought of a downgrade that hasn’t even been modelled yet never mind happened?
  2. Not really what I want spending 5 days camping on a Shepton Mallet farm. When they announced Stormzy I thought they meant the rapper.
  3. The old school was the building wreckage on the left up the hill, we used to get snowdrifts off the moorland hill blown across the school. Was at high school 87/92, copped some amazing snow. Me and my mate used to wag it when it snowed and walk the Roman road to Dovestones.
  4. Honestly believe this will be a nowcast event and I’ve seen us in the warning area and get nothing on many occasion so I’m not worried by this.
  5. I moved to Mossley in the mid 80,s and woke up to knee deep snow plus drifting on a few occasions in my school teen years. Mossley Hollins school was well located for snow days.
  6. I just hope Cheltenham isn’t affected this week, the only week of the year I don’t want it.
  7. I had to drag myself out of the pit and drop my car at the garage, the walk back was bloody awful
  8. Haha yeah, I really don’t understand why though it’s like you live at the areas unluckiest postcode.
  9. If you think about it barring a couple of blips we are in our 6th month of Autumn now, seasons are a thing of the past.
  10. Exeter have been superb in the last few months, consistently getting the further outlook wrong.
  11. We had summer last week, back to Autumn now for the next 9 months.
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