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  1. A cracking post by 62/63 but painful scrolling on your phone if people qoute it fully.
  2. There was chains of people passing supplies to the m62 a minute from my house and my road (an A road) was closed.
  3. I live close to Feb (5-10 mins), similar height and had two days snowed in this year. He’s incredibly unlucky.
  4. Pretty sure we got a cracking cold spell from blocking conditions that then helped shape a recurring blocked pattern which led to a glorious late spring and summer.
  5. And allowing Cheltenham to finish before it hits is very considerate.
  6. I'm looking forward to this weekend, could be a nice send off from winter 17/18
  7. Ramp

    North west regional discussion

    I can't complain, i've not been able to go to work in 2 days and that's the first time in 25 years. If this is the last of winter so be it, we've had worse.
  8. Ramp

    North west regional discussion

    Who knows, was she aware? So many people use weather apps and yesterday wasn't forecast.
  9. Ramp

    North west regional discussion

    There was a pregnant woman stuck at Milnrow this morning that set off from Cumbria to Leeds yesterday morning.
  10. Ramp

    North west regional discussion

    Yellow warning then amber when too late.
  11. Ramp

    North west regional discussion

    If it snowed now there'd be an emergency here more than there is.