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  1. Hi Mark, I think my other half and I are booked to go on this one. Not 100% certain about whether to go or not as I'm tagging it to another planned trip
  2. Hi Guys, sorry but we won't be there either as we're double booked this weekend and my masterplan to make both became overly complicated . I know you guys will have fun, sorry to miss out . Claire
  3. Weather Station recording a scorching 29.3 deg

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    2. duckeyh


      Car themostat reads the same

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      27.2c at Heathrow is confirmed as today's highest temperature

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      must be in sun, midlands was around 21-22C

  4. Good Luck NW Tour 5

    1. Nick F

      Nick F

      Ditto. Hopefully there'll be action the south side of the Canadian border!

  5. My time in the US is almost over, BiG thanks to all the NW guys for showing us Structure, Lightning and getting me into double digits. Also a special thanks, virtual big kiss & bear hug to Paul and Tom for keeping us safe in OKC.

  6. Matty , I chased this storm with NW and part of the reason the chasers were so close together was because there was simply nowhere to go due to the gridlocked traffic and rotations & winds in the storm. Although some chasers clearly acted irresponsibly, most were simply just trying to escape the situation in the same way we were and made similar decisions on the limited options available
  7. I'm in assuming I get the all clear from the Docs
  8. A BIG Thanks to the NW guys out here who kept us safe yesterday and maintained their focus and professionalism during yesterdays events in OK

  9. The top posts have covered most things you need but I would also include an extra battery as a must for me
  10. On the topic of hotels, Travelodge Terminal 5 are charging £21 for a room. According to the website National Express run a hotel hoppa to the airport which is 2 miles away for £4...A bit of a bargain if you're not a morning person!
  11. Fair point..I was just surprised to see you mention the States East of I-30 as the melt from the severe winter should add significant ground moisture into the Central Plains. It's only a tiny piece of the puzzle but assuming the Jet Stream doesn't decide to apply for permanent residency in Canada I think we could be in for a more traditional season possibly more Northerly inclined.
  12. CG!!..wooooooohooooooo!

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