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  1. How are you Nick nice to talk again.  I want to know when I will be able to meet up with friends who are not from my household again as I have a very good friend that I see twice a week (before this kicked off) I know many other countries are now permitting inter household socializing France, Germany, Spain (I know in Germany one of the federal Lander is announced it is going against the national guidelines and is going to lift all mandatory restrictions).  I only have a small number of close friends that I normally meet on a one to one basis and I work from home so I have little contact with other people other than mum and dad so I would assess the risk to be very low.  Even in the UK Northern Ireland are allowing up to 6 people not from the same household to meet outside including private gardens, Scotland will let you so something similar for next week but I have heard nothing about relaxing the social aspects of the lockdown today only the economic and educational ones.   So why not more on meeting friends and family human contact is important in England you still cannot meet friends and family in a private garden which should now be allowed? I am a bit concerned as I have my birthday coming up on 18th July and I want to have a small number of friends around (no more than 3) for a barbeque in the garden - and I want to do it without fear of breaking any rules or laws.  I know the chances of transmission is very very low as long as we take adequate precautions.  These rules must not stay in place a second longer than is necessary once the community transmission is very low surely the burden of the restrictions on mental health etc outweighs their purpose in stopping the spread of Covid 19.  Just mentioning this as I want to know when I can see my friends again in the flesh or properly without having to meet them in a park only as I have autism and hate uncertainty and changes in routine surely the UK government should give us some more information on when such meetings will be allowed in England the exit strategy document for England was vague on this at least compared to some other countries.  Surley, if the restrictions on meeting friends and family remained in place when the risk of Covid was much diminished would it be subject to legal challenge? If no one in government bothered to relax it which is what I am worried about.  Also asking about what are the rules currently on inter household gatherings in France which is where you live and do you believe that in the UK this is now safe or will be shortly safe enough to allow it?



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