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  1. Hi Nick,

    My name is Luke - I have conversed with before regarding the weather but I have Asperger's syndrome which includes increased levels of anxiety including health anxiety so I find anxiety difficult to deal with at the best of times and I have been on Escitalopram for over 10 years for anxiety which has been under control but now I am getting very, very worried and scared especially with autism you find it difficult adapting to change so I am very worried what is to come I have never grown up in an environment where we are told what to do by the state like war so I am feel very anxious at the moment do you think we can get this under control also being on the autistic spectrum I find social interaction difficult so friends and human contact is very important and I am scared that I won't be able to see them for a long time if these measures happen I am scared it is becoming like a nightmare for us Aspies especially as I have anxiety in normal circumstances like existential and medical anxiety going on this forum my heart sinks when I hear posts from intelligent posters saying no good news about coronavirus today I am afraid can you give me some advice considering my condition?  And do you think it will eventually get better?




    1. Daniel*


      Hi Luke, I’m not nick but maybe I can help? My advise is to limit as much as possible to what you read on the Internet not saying on this forum as much but there is a lot of fake news. When something gives anxiety you either avoid it completely or try to tackle and understand it? From this virus we know it has a very low death rate likely lower than 1% your life is not threatened. Literally everyone is in the same shoes, it has been 102 years since last major pandemic. So even those without Asperger’s are feeling very anxious but if you understand it more the less you should fear. We will get it through it and it won’t be easy but it will come to an end. ? 

    2. nick sussex

      nick sussex

      Hi Luke 

      Sorry to hear about the issues the coronavirus is having on you . It’s completely natural to feel under a bit more anxiety given the situation .

      Don’t feel that you’re alone here. And remember you’re not in a high risk group regarding the virus.

      I totally understand your feelings of increased anxiety over the virus , I have this , just as many other people do . 

      In terms of your network of support with friends and family , it’s important that you can discuss this with them . 

      And it’s also very important that you speak to your GP if the anxiety becomes more difficult .

      I know it seems that’s its just continuous bad news at the moment but things will get better eventually .

      It might be good Luke to take a step back and do some things that you get pleasure from .

      So take some time out from viewing media coverage of the virus .

      Feel free to message me , and I really hope things improve for you .

      My very best wishes to you Luke .

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