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  1. I can’t see anything in terms of extreme heat for the UK from the current spell , low thirties possible but hard going to see mid reached. The plume over Iberia really needed a digging low to the west to help pull that right into the UK . Currently the extreme heat looks like staying over the Channel skirting ne. Before the mid week change we do see a dip in the jet to the west with a downstream jump ne but the warmest 850s look like again staying over the Channel. I’m sure it’s hot enough for those that like the heat and personally I’ll be glad to see something cooler next week.
  2. Horrible humid heat here today . Current temp 31c, no wind and it feels like 40c on the humidex value ! Yuk !
  3. For all sport lovers out there the new combined European Championships start next week . This is a new format which brings together 7 different sports. Whereas previously each event would normally be staged in its own right they’re now going to happen at the same time . The events are: Athletics Aquatics Rowing Gymnastics Cycling Golf Triathlon The Championships run from the 2nd to the 12th August , Berlin is hosting the Athletics and Glasgow will be the hosts for the remaining events bar the diving which will be held in Edinburgh. I’m really looking forward to this and GB should do very well with many very good medal chances.
  4. Strange ! We’ll have to wait for further confirmation later.
  5. I think it is because the earlier Met Office tweets were showing the same temps .
  6. That site in Norfolk, Tibenham which the Met Office had been referring to has recorded 37.8 c . That would be a record for July if it’s officially confirmed . If you search Norfolk Gliding Club weather all the official data is on there.
  7. No I’m still here in France but have come out of hibernation! Certainly been an interesting few months for the UK.
  8. 34.1 c now. Current rate of temp increase 1.5 c per hour .
  9. Norfolk Gliding Club is I think where the reading is taken at Tibenham Airfield now upto 33.9c.
  10. Apparently 32.8 recorded at Tibenham Airfield half an hour ago.
  11. The hottest 850s are hanging on for dear life in the extreme east but start to clear after 3pm. If there’s going to a be a record it’s likely to be recorded in the east of Norfolk . Someone posted the Diss temp earlier and that area would be the best bet .
  12. Today might end up hotter than tomorrow , there’s a difference of opinion between the GFS 06 hrs and the Euro 4 in terms of 850 values . The former sends an area of 18 c 850 north to the east of London tomorrow , the latter less bullish . I think for tomorrow the highest temps likely east of London and towards inland parts of Norfolk and Suffolk. Unless there’s a change in tonight’s models then I think it’s unlikely we’ll see any records broken for July.
  13. What’s interesting about the possible mid 30s temperatures is if you look at the bare 850s you might not expect that . This is where the extended dry spell is key for those high temps, dry ground is a better conductor of heat.
  14. What an amazing summer for the UK so far . Certainly this year so far has been memorable with some exceptional cold in early spring and this long period of dry and hot weather . It’s like the UK has suddenly turned from temperate climate to continental ! In recent weeks the models at times have over egged any possible breakdown at longer range . The blocking high over Russia is reluctant to give up so low pressure in the Atlantic is battling to make much eastwards progress. This type of set up is often the best if you like the heat , each failed attack from the Atlantic helps to pull the hottest air ne ahead of it. The current pattern looks stuck for the timebeing which is great news for those on holiday but not great for farmers , hopefully this mini breakdown will deliver at least some rain before the heat builds again next week.
  15. nick sussex

    World Cup 2018

    I think the difference Weir , I expected England to win this game it was a wonderful opportunity. Perhaps my expectations ran too far ahead .