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  1. nick sussex

    France weather

    Loads of Saharan dust today . Quite common here when we have the current set up , good growing weather , some showers and warm sunshine.
  2. Talking of France , in some areas it’s recommended that homes install lightening protection systems . Thankfully not here ! I hate thunderstorms ! I know a lot of members really like them but I always fear that bang and no power!
  3. nick sussex

    France weather

    Three warm days in a row ! Finally some decent weather although a few thunderstorms are forecast .
  4. nick sussex

    Stormchase Day 13 Colorado : Reports and pictures

    Great pics especially the sunset supercell. Thanks to all the team out there.
  5. nick sussex

    Dust storms kill dozens in India

    Absolutely awful . It always seems to be those poor communities which suffer the greatest from these storms . As if life isn’t hard enough they often have to contend with these weather extremes .
  6. nick sussex

    France weather

    The strange spring weather continues . After a lovely warm spell that’s changed and there’s been some fresh snow in the Pyrenees and I had to put the heating back on!
  7. nick sussex


    OMG that’s so funny!
  8. nick sussex

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    I still think the BBC should never have parted with the Met Office .
  9. nick sussex

    France weather

    Yes the best for many years . I’ve been to the eastern side a few times , most recent on the way to Barcelona as it’s quicker to go that route. Really warming up here now , I’ve brought my shorts out at last!
  10. nick sussex

    France weather

    Yes there’s still quite a bit as although it’s been warm it’s been mainly dry . It’s been a much better skiing season than for many years although the resorts are now closed for the season . Its always a bit sad when the snow starts disappearing, roll on November.
  11. nick sussex

    France weather

    Some great weather over the last week here. It’s been a late spring and the winter was the dullest since I moved to France.
  12. Thanks to all who contributed to this thread over the winter months . Certainly that SSW delivered for coldies , let’s hope we get another next winter but a bit earlier in the season .
  13. Easterlies in April are generally horrible affairs with cool grey conditions, drizzle and murk! For any hardened coldie still seeking something wintry a northerly is preferrable. Thankfully the ECM op isn’t supported towards the end of its run, of course in winter we’d like its op run and want it to verify but now this late I’m hoping no!
  14. Roll on November when we can get back to our cold and snow chase! Seriously though it’s felt like a very long winter. All the best synoptics turned up right at the end which is a shame . Having said that the depth of cold both in the beast and mini beast was quite exceptional for the time of year , the former in terms of windchill was probably something younger members hadn’t experienced before. So rare has that type of easterly been in recent years.
  15. If you compare last nights fax chart at T96 hrs with todays to T72 hrs you can see just how much it’s changed in relation to low pressure in the Atlantic , a flattening of that with the block to the nw pushing further south .