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  1. Real shame that the pesky cloud cover came in. Certainly without that the record would have gone .
  2. Thanks for the update . Still a chance then the record goes in your area .
  3. Shame the cloud couldn’t have held back for just an extra two hours . Theres big clump moving through London ,to the west a clearance likely to last around an hour . Places like Lakenheath east of Cambridge might keep the sunshine for a few more hours . Last report there had 36c.
  4. We need to all start sharing #Je suis Cambridge ! As others have mentioned that area looks best placed to break the record .
  5. Unfortunately the Met Office have closed the station there.
  6. GFS already looks a bust for temps today . Looks like it’s underdone the heat by several degrees .
  7. If you keep sunshine till around 5pm then the record should go. Maxs are likely to be around that time . Still a chance also that 40c could be hit. How about this for a coastal temperature in northern France , Dieppe 36c at midday .
  8. You may aswell aim high . Could 40c be hit ? That would be an astonishing record , and not out of the question .
  9. I think it depends on sunshine amounts . If it’s sunny all day then I think the record will go.
  10. Meteo France have removed their original warning for thunderstorms from parts of northern France . They expect a few but nothing to warrant the original warning . So any French imports look less likely . Certainly if you’re looking for that record breaking heat for Thursday you’d want to avoid them .
  11. I think a lot of members do like to see the extremes , so if there’s a chance of a record it would be great to see it go . You’d be hard pressed to find a more favourable set up for the UK to break its highest max .
  12. I’ve only driven through it and didn’t hang around !
  13. That seems a bit low . I’d be surprised not to see something close to the record . Given the source of air and most of that region missing any showers . As an aside several city records were broken here in France today . Bordeaux , Rennes , Tours and Brive . Arpege has also upgraded temps for central and northern France on Thursday , quite a few 43 and 44s showing up . If those favoured areas can hold into sunshine throughout the day then the UK record is well within reach .
  14. Thanks , I don’t mind hot weather but when it starts heading into the mid upper 30s that’s hideous . Anyway an update from French forecasters for Thursday . Temps widely 37 to 42 across a swathe of France running from here , yuk ! to ne France . Locally higher . They don’t expect the all time French record to go but lots of cities north of France should break their all time records .
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