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  1. Yes I understand that some need the rain but when you've had nearly 200mm over the last two months it becomes less appealing. It's all about personal preference but I'd just like to see some sunshine and usable outdoor weather more than anything.
  2. Looks very wet from Sunday though. Horrible weather, I much prefer the GFS for next week.
  3. Yes still very little rain on offer apart from the end of the ECM. What is it with the ECM these days? It always used to be the GFS overblowing the lows in FI.
  4. I'm liking this ECM run which brings some welcome rain for my area - not that it's by any means that wet. It seems pretty out of step with the other models though, so I'm fully prepared for my hopes to be dashed on the next run.
  5. Gardeners, farmers and nature. It's unusual to see brown grass and parched earth this early in the year. I like the countryside looking lush and green at this time but as you say hopefully the rain from over Winter should rule out hosepipe bans for now. If anything the GFS 06Z is even drier than the 0Z ?.
  6. Chasing rain really has become like chasing snow for me - always seems to fade away when the charts get into the reliable. The GEM is awful in that respect this morning and has gone from a soaking yesterday to bone dry today! The ECM is the best of the bunch rain wise but even that's no washout. So much uncertainty in the models at the moment but the default seems to be dry weather.
  7. Me too! Chasing rain has become like chasing snow in Winter for me. The promise and hope always dashed as the charts move into the reliable.
  8. Fairly small differences in the positioning of the low at around 144hrs on the GFS 00z and the 06z runs but the difference on the UK weather is striking. I'm really hoping the 06z is nearer the mark because we badly need some rain. It settles down again after so something for everyone ?
  9. You're obviously not a gardener or bothered about what the vegetation looks like. We've had about 10mm of rain over the last 6 weeks and the top couple of feet of soil is bone dry, everything apart from the trees is looking tired already. I don't want a washout just a day of rain now and then to keep things fresh and growing.
  10. Is there any rain in sight? Really had enough of this dry weather going on and on and on.
  11. Surely a plunge of cold air is the most apt description?
  12. Wind and rain. I like it ? It's not actually that mild either - cool wind and rain, which is even better!
  13. It's been a Wintry mix of showers here today - sleet, hail and snow but with none settling. Had a little drive out to the Washburn Valley today and got caught in some lovely showers but not much settling apart from the very tops of the hills. Enjoyed it though!
  14. Looks to be a load of showers packing in behind though. In terms of snow chances perhaps those are our best bet as they'll arrive later in the day and when the coldest air arrives? I think we'll be unlucky to miss out completely and I hope at least see some falling snow showers. I'm not back to work till Wed so I might go on a snow hunt tomorrow! ?
  15. Looks like we'll miss that massive lump of precipitation. South Yorks looks right in the firing line for that although I imagine it will be mostly rain.
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