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  1. So, what are the chances of it actually happening? We've seen charts like this before only for the inevitable backtrack. Just wondering what we need to look for in terms of this becoming reality? Are there developments at an early timeframe which would then secure (in a broad sense) this kind of synoptical development?
  2. Just click on your name and go to settings, then type in the name of the poster you'd like to ignore. I can't recommend it highly enough, I think there are about 30 names on my ignore list
  3. I've added quite a few posters to my ignore list over the last few days. It's an excellent function and really improves my enjoyment of the model output discussion.
  4. Yes indeed. I would imagine we will see some intriguing FI charts over the next few days and possibly weeks given that the strat vortex split at 30hpa is modelled at around 180hrs and the warming seems to continue and even intensify right up to the end of the run. What the implications will be on trop patterns is beyond my knowledge but surely some HLB is going to set up somewhere?
  5. There is far too much energy going over the top of the high if GFS is to be believed. There's doesn't seem to be any chance of an Easterly setting up over the next 10 days.
  6. Yep very nice while it lasted. 5th time it's been white over here this winter so it could be worse. A week long freeze in Feb and I'll be happy to call this Winter a good one.
  7. Yep, looks like it's arriving. A sleety mix now
  8. Massive flakes here. Seem to be in a band of heavy precipitation at the moment. Hope it can last for a bit
  9. Moderate snow here.
  10. Looking at the latest runs make you realise that in terms of model watching (though not always matched by the actual weather) this has been a good, interesting Winter so far. The GFS 12z just reminds me of the last few Winters of zooming through the charts, sighing and leaving the page.
  11. Pretty sure it will be just rain tonight. What do people think about Friday? Showing light snow for me on the BBC but I'm not convinced - think The Daily Express hacked the Horsforth forecast last night...
  12. Not really matching the 7 hours of heavy snow forecast for Horsforth on the BBC!
  13. Not much on the radar at the moment, wonder if it'll pick up?
  14. Snowing here and starting to settle at 400ft Feb. I'm hoping that any further precipitation will remain as snow at least until tomorrow morning. The lastest GFS has moved the snowline further south again for tomorrow night but I think for my location we may just miss out.
  15. Just drove back to Tinshill from work in Wakefield. Mostly rain with a bit of sleet all the way home with temps 2-3C. Back here it's 1C and we have just had a pretty heavy snow shower which has settled. Just a few flakes at the moment but I'm hopng what falls now will remain as snow.