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  1. Some big showers incoming now. Hopefully right in the firing line for a bit at least. Been very hit and miss so far here.
  2. Starting to settle in NW Leeds
  3. Lots of hills that's the trouble. The roads haven't been gritted so it's just impossible to get out. Really didn't expect it! Still snowing here too.
  4. Last week it took me an hour to get to Meanwood from Tinshill before I had to turn back. This morning I couldn't even get out of my street!
  5. This cold spell is costing me a fortune in bird food! They really need it though, a spell like this is very tough for wildlife.
  6. Still snowing moderately here and when the wind gusts it's almost whiteout conditions. This powder snow is amazing. Beats chasing an inch of wet snow in -5 NW'ly uppers that's for sure .
  7. Looks promising to me for another round of showers pretty much across Yorkshire - apart from a small gap around Hedon. A bit of a wait now though.
  8. Do you think we'll get any more in north Leeds cheese?
  9. Earthquakes are in the ground mate, snow comes from the sky. Well that was an interesting drive to work - Horsforth to Wakefield. Took me an hour and 10 minutes to get just past Meanwood then got a call to say school shut! Very tricky getting back but great fun.
  10. Had a direct hit from a small blob about 15mins ago. It didn't last long but really pelted it down while it lasted. If there are a few prolonged showers like that it could get interesting.
  11. Too far North I think. Anyway hopefully plenty more chances to come. Only got a light covering here but it's white all over and looks beautiful in the evening sunshine.
  12. Absolutely incredible charts. On a serious note, I urge people to think of the people and animals who will find this a very difficult time. When you are stocking up at the supermarket buy some birdfood. We can all help out and enjoy the freezing weather at the same time.
  13. What do you mean by extreme north Steve - Watford? Never know with you Southerners.
  14. My house is under that blue bit, think I better nip to the supermarket! For those worrying about a delay to the coldest uppers, I would say it depends what you are wanting - are you looking for cold records or are you looking for cold and snow? I suspect many of us are looking for the latter in which case I wouldn't worry so much, even with uppers a fair bit higher than those progged it would still be snow. Cold arriving on Sun/Mon as shown for a while now. It looks almost certain the cold will stay for at least 4-5 days during which any precipitation that falls will be of snow. So even if the uppers become moderated it would take a significant shift to rule out any snow chances.