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  1. wants to move to Winnipeg, Canada for a year to see whats its like! 30C+ with severe thunderstorms in summer and -20C and blizzards in winter! anyone wanna sponsor me? :)

  2. i wish it was still raining! i love it! :)

  3. Was that thunder?

    1. Mesoscale


      i could of swore i just heard thunder? weird just looked at the radar no rain around? wtf?

  4. 8C mostly cloudy! cold here for london!

  5. Cant beleive i missed out on some lightning on thursday! :( right outside my window!!! cant wait for sundays game Dolphins at Jets!

  6. Is back from vegas baby!!!! :D but its stupid u cant even stand in the area of the casino if your under twenty one theres a marked line which you cant loiter over!!! :0!

  7. Off to heathrow at 4:30am Houston, Las Vegas and Toronto here i come

  8. uh oh! i kinder destoyed my relationship! thanks alcohol!

  9. Drinking that 1/3 Pint of vodka was probbly a bad idea but adding another 1/4 pint of dark rum was a bad idea!

  10. wow the rains beenc omign down since 9pm but not 1 SINGLE rumble of thunder!!!! is that so much to ask for 1 rumble of thunder? naybee a bit of lightning too???

  11. its raining its pouring the old bag is snoring.... lol i love the rain!

  12. no way i find a fellow watford fella on netweather!! whoa! what part are you from? im from north watford (Meriden, Garston area)

  13. holy crap!!!!!! the worst rain ive seen in along time!!! its really torrential! video up soon!

  14. o wow the rain is very very heavy anymoment i thought there was going to be a crap of thunder but nope not one bit!

  15. Heading to nandos for some lunch, mmmm Extra hot peri peri chicken! :p

  16. what happened to up too 100 meteors an hour? ive seen one the WHOLE night!

  17. no rain and no storm!!! agh how boring onyl grey cloud not 'white cloud' ..>

  18. Some nice cirrus floating about this morning, its sunny but cold!! brrr!

  19. Rain here all day today! and a bit chilli but it doesn't matter i love the rain! :)

  20. is going to Las Vegas on the 30th August! im going to see the grand canyon and hoover dam! :D! heres hopeing for some of that monsoon weather!

  21. just had a nice little storm pass through south hertfordshire, about 30 claps :) and quite chilly!

  22. WE have a thunderstorm people!! my first english storm!

  23. its not humid!!!! 40% is not humid! in mexico it was 80% with 33C temps which made it feel like 40C

  24. See you later england! world class team pffft!

  25. Ive got my dog lookiing out for lightning as he knows when its coming miles awy before i know it is but today isn't looking too promising!

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