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  1. tune into Discovery HD at 9 for the brand new series of Storm Chasers!

    1. Neilsouth


      Seen it ages ago

  2. 3 years and counting untill I can go storm chasing!

  3. i hate UCAS

    1. dogs32


      and me...thats why i dont go

  4. Definatley sick of hearing how people have got feet of snow and i have about 1cm of melty slushy ice/snow! :'(

    1. Marcus_surfer


      your lucky! nothing here at all!

    2. Mondy


      Swap your 1cm for my half metre.

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Join the club Mesoscale! OK so I have about an inch but it's been rock-solid ice since Tuesday- what use is that?

  5. thank u cousin for sending me the entire Storm Chasers S.4 that you recorded!

  6. -6 here and i just fell through the ice on my pond! wet leg is not good!

  7. Wish i was at Qlimax 2010 tonight! :(

  8. A snow shower is heading dead south striahgt towards my location! :D ill be happy if it only produces one flake!

  9. Whilst visiting Britain, St Paul, was supposed to have banished forever all snakes, dragons, and thunderstorms. THATS WHY!!!! >.>!

  10. Winter the only time of year i dont mind havign a lampost right outside my bedroom window!

    1. The watcher

      The watcher

      Same, right outside my bedroom window. :D

  11. oh no the media have got wind of this impending snowmageddon haha 6 inches of snow to hit britain haha!

  12. wow the fog just dissapeared! within half hour!

  13. this fog has not lifted all day!! its still as thick as it was this morning

  14. The fog smelt like a cross between tarmac, new tires and tequilla earlier?

  15. mmm i wonder when i will see my first snow flake! :)

    1. caz100


      me too wish it was tomoz..

  16. thought a hurricane had hit earlier the rain was going horizontal! and my car nearlly got blown off the road where the wind was getting propelled by the tall buildings and the narrow street!

  17. 948Mb and falling rapidly beating the US 955Mb a couple of weeks ago calling it there lowest ever non tropical pressure blah blah! its nothing all ive got is a tiny bit of wind and rain!

  18. OMG'ZZZZ 10Mph wind gust recorded! battern down the hatches!!! WHOA!

  19. OMG'ZZZZ 10Mph wind gust recorded! battern down the hatches!!! WHOA!

  20. I think bbcs the cube is racist! the white man got all easy ones and then as soon as the black guy comes out its all really hard ones wtf?

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Lol - Ridiculous how can an object be racist

    2. sammie


      O___o please tell me this is sarcasm.

    3. Mesoscale


      oops my bad itv** same thing but stil have you watched it? last week it was a girl and a guy the girl got easy ones and did well! but the dude who was indian might i add got really hard ones and the same thing happened on todays one except it was a white guy and a black guy! im just saying!

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  21. anyone else not like roast dinner?

    1. coldfingers


      Not me, I luv it!

  22. Opened my back door and i was greeted by the what sounded like a distant tornado siren but it think its a noisey hoover/pessure washer but even my dogs going mad at it?

  23. 19C by friday? jog on warm weather its november!!

  24. The clouds are looking green this morning

  25. forst time for our heating to be on aswell! it got to hot so i turned it off and opened the back door! now its too cold >.>!

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