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  1. :/ shhhh about your 1ft+ mines melting at the moment all the icicles have disapeared! :(!

  2. Oo where did all that snow come from?!

  3. If I did acquire a snow shield on 30 November, it caved in spectacularly at about 5pm this evening!

  4. New from Wikileaks: Santa's nice and naughty list has been released!

  5. ah damn everythings been moved south! :(

  6. Cannot believe that Saturdays snow event for the Midlands has gone wrong at such a short timeframe, gutting.

  7. does anyone know why the moon was so low in the sky, larger than normal (all be it a very thin crescent) and a red/orange in colour this evening? I've never seen a moon like it in my lifetime.

  8. Any students involved in this violence/riots should be ashamed of themselves. Really NOT doing us any favours. And I'm a student by the way.

  9. if you're in the SE please tell the regional discussion thread what level of lying snow you have now - putting the finishing touches on a regional snow depth map!

  10. is ready for a thaw now

  11. Just 1cm would be nice...

  12. 2 inches of ice in Norwich, almost completely dry for the last 36 hours, dry area centred on Norwich, though at least we have sun today (dull dry yesterday). 100 mile radius of Norwich restricted to 12 hours' snow showers at most in the future while everywhere else in E England has 48-60 hours.

  13. What an absolutely frustrating cold spell! :(

  14. wil you guys send that snow back north. London really won't cope with it.

  15. I give up, what a load of rubbish this cold spell has been

  16. Just witnessed a lightning storm coming home from Banbury M40.

  17. i need snow or someone will get hurt real bad

  18. Who remembers the game Road Rash? I wish they would bring one out for the next gen consoles, It's annoying how they haven't. Imagine racing that game online, EPIC.

  19. Breaking News!! Prince William and Miss Midletone going Tornado Chasing for there honeymoon next year!!

  20. I think bbcs the cube is racist! the white man got all easy ones and then as soon as the black guy comes out its all really hard ones wtf?

  21. is very tempted by the "Immigrate to Canada today!" advert he saw on the side of Facebook...

  22. Wants a 4 month cold spell from the start of November till the start of March. Not too much to ask for is it?

  23. Will it snow in Carlisle?

  24. Another winter like last? Yes please!

  25. Was that thunder?

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