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  1. First driving lesson went well yesterday, look foward to the next one!

  2. was not impressed by Tornado Road at all!

  3. Had WAY to much to drink last night!

  4. Im trying to remain positive about tonights events I even have all my cameras charged at the ready ! (I hope i get a good one)

  5. Cooling off now by looks of it. So another 5 years till the next 24 hours of proper heat then? ;)

  6. Impatiently awaiting exam results!!

  7. Ok, the reason why I dislike summer has manifested itself perfectly...UNCOMFORTABLE NIGHTS, ARGH

  8. storm potential for monday goes from 51% to 0% in one model run. Computers disgust me.

  9. GFS 12Z has a Feel Like Temp of 38c in London on Tuesday :D

  10. Feels like October night here.

  11. Sunburnt. To a crisp. OW. FREAKING OW. Calfornia Y U MAKE MY SKIN RED?

  12. Take part in the Great British Weather Experiment for June 2011 - http://www.rmets.org/twc/

  13. finds the world a better place when it's light so late into the evening... We might not get reliable summers but I'd never trade my light evenings. Now if only for BST+1...

  14. Massive positive clap of thunder over London! Jumped out of my skin....again, cant see where it's come from!!! Thats three thunder days and its only 31st May...had four in TOTAL for 2010!!! :O

  15. OH....MY....GAWWD... they have just stopped airing THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON JUSTIN.TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what am I going to do????? I NEED WEATHER!!!! Im going thru withdraw!!! ..need-weather...*twitch*...going...insane..need...*twitch* weather channel...*twitch-twitch*..

  16. At asda haveing a meal

  17. If Ireland come above us in the Eurovision, i'm disowning England.

  18. A very thundery day indeed!

  19. I think its possible to get an even warmer April than this one

  20. wow... my house just got raided by the police because of my uncle, great start to the day.

  21. Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday...

  22. 4 Weeks Until Storm Chase & 4 Spaces Left Up For Grabs - Cheapest is now £1,250 On Tour 1 Due To A Cancellation!!!!!

  23. Just had the hugest queen wasp in the office! Either it was the queen or the earliest hornet I've ever seen!!

  24. Crap, forgot to buy #euromillions ticket. Need another rollover please...

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