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  1. Finally got to see anivil crawlers, the best thing about it was I was on a ship at night!!! Amazing I got some video of it.

  2. Cannot wait to move to Southampton in September, I will be living about a two minute walk away from the seafront! it will be nice to have a change of place for a couple of years.

  3. What absolute scum! destroying peoples livelyhood that they worked so hard to get.

  4. Living in the south of England is getting on my nerves now, no storms, no aurora, i got about an inch or 2 of snow this winter! im thinking of marrying a girl from Minnesota I just need to find me one! haha

    1. Eugene


      lol good luck in finding a pretty blonde girl from minnesota, there are plenty there

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      You'd probably find they want to move to the UK instead to avoid severe weather! lol

  5. its uncomfortable.

  6. its snowing in Pian Rosa in the Italian Alps. Elevation : 11443ft Temp: 28.4F/-2C

    1. Backtrack


      No wonder. It's 11,443ft up in the sky.

  7. Oh yeah! I have just received GREarth. wow it is amazing.

  8. Natures fury is on channel 4!!!!

    1. Mesoscale


      sorry my bad itv

  9. I love weather like this constant rain but in autumn...

    1. Eugene


      Sun has made an appearance here

    2. Milhouse


      And the rain has finally cleared from here. Looking forward to a drier and brighter late afternoon and evening.

  10. you know you live in england when you wear a jumper in mid july. :/

  11. Just won paintballing for 10 thanks to doritos dip desperado! haha

    1. Paul


      I've 'won' paintballing trips before - check the small print, you could get stung with the cost of extra paintballs (which you will need)

    2. cheeky_monkey


      you should ask for a proper prize

  12. Glad i decided not to go on the narrowboat today they got soaked haha

  13. Prada suit, Armani Watch, Gucci sunglasses.... should I shouldnt I?

    1. Coast


      M&S pants!!!

    2. frogesque


      Prada or Primark, ASDA or Armani? What's in a label other than marketing? It's all made in China anyhows!

  14. Needs more storms, once you have one you want them ALL!!! mwahahahaha!

  15. 5000 word essay on AD/DA converters due in tommorow 117 words done so far... I wish I hadn't of forgot about this!! meh!

    1. Weather-history


      Why does it have to be so many words? Surely its quality not quantity that really counts.

  16. Dissapointed with Discovery saying Tornado Road was a 'new series' when really it was just the original series but shown on dsicovery.

  17. Had WAY to much to drink last night!

    1. Stormyking


      On a Tuesday night? Or was it a celebration for the storms Lolol

    2. Mesoscale


      Not quite, I was djing at a bar in town and people kept giving me drinks so i drank them and got into a right ol' state haha

  18. what is this autumn?

  19. What is going on? it hardly got to 12c today but right now its 15c??? what???

  20. wow hardly maked it to 12c today and it rained all day!! it felt like Autumn

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Most people who wished for a wet day probably regret it now, staying inside isn't what should be happening in June, and the landscape looked so much more summery orange/yellow!

  21. Why do all the crazy people come to watford?

    1. Matt B

      Matt B

      They are on a day trip from Reading!

    2. M'Lady


      Because they can't stay on the forum all the time?

    3. Coast


      On holiday from Eastbourne?

  22. I hate santander!

  23. loving the rain! we really needed it!

    1. Milhouse


      Been raining for much of the day here. That should see us through the upcoming dry spell without things turing yellow.

    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Was a refreshing change :) Just wish it was a little more than 3.0mm though. The wind that followed soon dried everything out again

  24. some hefty showers with whats that? thunder! yes thunder! woop

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