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  1. Is it possible to have a dew point the same or very near the actual temperature? plus how high can the dew point get before it inhibits the actual temperature?

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      And when T = DP, cloud/fog forms.

    2. Aaron


      Okay.. but I don't think he lives up in the atmosphere, so probably not relevant.. lol

    3. knocker


      Actually air produced in laboratory conditions can reach an RH of 800% before droplets form spontaneously. No aerosols

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  2. How is pollen forecasted?

    1. Paul


      There are pollen stations around the country which measure the pollen levels. This combined with knowledge of pollen patterns, along with weather data is then used to make forecasts.

    2. reef


      I remember when this used to be shown daily on the weather forecasts. These days the forecasts are so simple and dumbed down, its such a shame.

    3. Paul


      Pollen data this year is a fairly complicated affair (commercially) which is possibly why the BBC aren't showing the forecasts much.

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  3. Enjoying this weather as the wind makes a nice change from just boring dull and rainy. All we need now is a warm up next week and we are sorted.

  4. Where have all the bumblebees gone?

    1. Harry


      SE1 I reckon...hugest bumblebee frightened the life out of me earlier, lol

    2. Aaron


      All I'm seeing is wasps.. I hate wasps.

    3. Mesoscale


      yeah same I even saw a hornet earlier.

  5. The humidity has dropped off and its actually a little bit cool. Going to be a nice day today.

  6. Completed my first yer of uni today! roll on summer

  7. Australia or Canada?? hmm.

  8. its weather like we are having that makes me dislike our climate. its litearlly rained 9/10 days since the begining of april, I know we need it but damn.

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      The UK climate is overrated.

  9. hopefully the fact that we didn't have a cold winter will allow those cells over france to stay together over the relatively warm channel.

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      I hope so, I miss the storms of the 90s/early 00s when they made it across.

  10. Had a shower with a little bit of hail mixed in but thats it in the desert of Hertfordshire.

  11. Oceanic Climate has got to be one of the worst climates.

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    2. PersianPaladin


      You want lots of snow EVERY winter? I sometimes miss the really windy weather and powerful Atlantic convective gust-fronts, etc.

    3. Scorcher


      The lack of sunshine is the biggest problem. Most people are severely deficient in Vitamin D, particularly in winter.

    4. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Oceanic climates are better further south, where there is more heat involved but still variable, British weather is mostly the same countrywide and 30C in summer isn't a heatwave, nowhere had even even reached 40C so temperatures aren't varied enough, and t-storms are better south mixed with contiental air, UV index's ain't varied either rarely going above 7 and patterns stick for weeks on end before another one comes along rather than day to day changes like people go on abou...

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  12. RIP Andy Gabrielson

  13. Just recorded a temperature of -7.2c in Garston, North Watford.

  14. Its like a monsoon out there!

  15. Snow makes me feel christmasy, even if it isn't settling! :D!!

  16. Graupel possibly the mosy boring form of precip? but i love the hissing sound it makes reminds me of a freshly poured glass of coke!

  17. This essay is kicking my butt, 7 hours and counting! :/

  18. holy crap was awoken by thunder, then looked out the window to see a huge CG with an immediate boom saweet unexpected storm

  19. Really not liking these temperatures its November tommorow and its expected to get up to 20C today? Not happy!

  20. I wish are weather was like the north central us states.

  21. Bring on the cold!! I love it! 5c last night sweet.

  22. Its quite warm out there this morning! I hope Halloween is very cold and clear.

  23. my room is a fernace because of the weather finally settled in my new flat!

  24. Moving to Southampton on monday!!! :D!!!

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