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  1. If Netweather was a country, what would the capital city be called?

  2. Oceanic Climate has got to be one of the worst climates.

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    2. PersianPaladin


      You want lots of snow EVERY winter? I sometimes miss the really windy weather and powerful Atlantic convective gust-fronts, etc.

    3. Scorcher


      The lack of sunshine is the biggest problem. Most people are severely deficient in Vitamin D, particularly in winter.

    4. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Oceanic climates are better further south, where there is more heat involved but still variable, British weather is mostly the same countrywide and 30C in summer isn't a heatwave, nowhere had even even reached 40C so temperatures aren't varied enough, and t-storms are better south mixed with contiental air, UV index's ain't varied either rarely going above 7 and patterns stick for weeks on end before another one comes along rather than day to day changes like people go on abou...

  3. Anyone know why Netweather was asking if I wanted to run NIVIDIA 3D Vision? Is it a new feature?

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    2. Mesoscale


      I guess I'm up north then, I live right by the M1/M25 intersection in North Watford, Its always cool to speak to someone in my approximate area. I wish I lived in Northwood or Moor park though, them houses are insane.

    3. lassie23


      up north lol, moor park looks amazing, how much is a house there I wonder? Northwood is nice too, not so much Northwood hills though lol

    4. lassie23


      at the moment it is 4.2c here and raining

  4. Well done Britain!!!! Democracy has prevailed!

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    2. Spikecollie


      I am not part of this madness. It makes me feel like never going back to the godforsaken little sand pat in the sea again...lie in it Britain, you've made it...

    3. Dami


      I think this country is now in big  trouble, but thx

    4. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      I knew Mesoscale was out all along, his posts say it all over!

  5. Is it possible to have a dew point the same or very near the actual temperature? plus how high can the dew point get before it inhibits the actual temperature?

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      And when T = DP, cloud/fog forms.

    3. Aaron


      Okay.. but I don't think he lives up in the atmosphere, so probably not relevant.. lol

    4. knocker


      Actually air produced in laboratory conditions can reach an RH of 800% before droplets form spontaneously. No aerosols

  6. Does the UK have a Autumn foliage colour forecast?

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    2. Scorcher


      I hope so Aaron, the last couple of days have been a horror show for much of the UK

    3. Bottesford


      But the poor early season might have had an effect too. A lot of leaves already off the trees here with this wind too.

    4. Aaron


      Yeah there are a lot of leaves off here too but most trees are still pretty green, with only a select few mostly yellow. There's a touch of colour, so we'll wait and see.

  7. I think bbcs the cube is racist! the white man got all easy ones and then as soon as the black guy comes out its all really hard ones wtf?

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    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Lol - Ridiculous how can an object be racist

    3. sammie


      O___o please tell me this is sarcasm.

    4. Mesoscale


      oops my bad itv** same thing but stil have you watched it? last week it was a girl and a guy the girl got easy ones and did well! but the dude who was indian might i add got really hard ones and the same thing happened on todays one except it was a white guy and a black guy! im just saying!

  8. How is pollen forecasted?

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    2. Paul


      There are pollen stations around the country which measure the pollen levels. This combined with knowledge of pollen patterns, along with weather data is then used to make forecasts.

    3. reef


      I remember when this used to be shown daily on the weather forecasts. These days the forecasts are so simple and dumbed down, its such a shame.

    4. Paul


      Pollen data this year is a fairly complicated affair (commercially) which is possibly why the BBC aren't showing the forecasts much.

  9. Wish it was this temperature everyday in Summer! 

    1. Atmogenic


      Even though I'm a person who loves heat, I wouldn't want this everyday unless we had air conditioning 

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      fine with air conditioning, but not keen on this, much better later in week with 21C

    3. Spikecollie


      I could happily live with this forever...open doors and windows make great aircon and don't dry your sinuses!

      I have to say, for the comfort of most folks, I'd be happy high 20s rather than 30s. My living room is at 37c right now with the curtains closed against the lowering sun, but sitting in the shade of a tree with a hint of a breeze is perfect.

  10. Where have all the bumblebees gone?

    1. Harry


      SE1 I reckon...hugest bumblebee frightened the life out of me earlier, lol

    2. Aaron


      All I'm seeing is wasps.. I hate wasps.

    3. Mesoscale


      yeah same I even saw a hornet earlier.

  11. wow... my house just got raided by the police because of my uncle, great start to the day.

    1. dogs32


      thats what its like in New York

    2. vortex_liam


      Did they nick him? what did he do?

    3. Mesoscale


      no he doesn't live here he only gets his post sent here, I have no idea what hes done and i probably don't want to either.

  12. ive got into 3 uni's so far.. to more to go and ill have a full house.

    1. CardiffStorm
    2. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      I got into Manchester University in 1989, but was soon discovered and escorted from the buildings.

    3. Isolated Frost
  13. Definatley sick of hearing how people have got feet of snow and i have about 1cm of melty slushy ice/snow! :'(

    1. Marcus_surfer


      your lucky! nothing here at all!

    2. Mondy


      Swap your 1cm for my half metre.

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Join the club Mesoscale! OK so I have about an inch but it's been rock-solid ice since Tuesday- what use is that?

  14. i wonder when i will get my first thunderstorm of 2010?

    1. Marcus_surfer


      just had a storm roll by!

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Lol Wrong Year Surely

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Well if you haven't had one in 2010 by now you never will =P

  15. Its raining but not showing up on the radar?

    1. Mokidugway


      Reduced echo intensity , you might be quite distant from it :)..

    2. Mokidugway


      Oh and earths curvature .

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Yep, radars have difficulty picking up fine drizzly rubbish falling from low cloud.

  16. Why do all the crazy people come to watford?

    1. Matt B

      Matt B

      They are on a day trip from Reading!

    2. M'Lady


      Because they can't stay on the forum all the time?

    3. Coast


      On holiday from Eastbourne?

  17. Just won paintballing for 10 thanks to doritos dip desperado! haha

    1. Paul


      I've 'won' paintballing trips before - check the small print, you could get stung with the cost of extra paintballs (which you will need)

    2. cheeky_monkey


      you should ask for a proper prize

  18. I need five people to work for me at thorpe park in late March?

    1. R.P. McMurphy

      R.P. McMurphy

      Free rides for a year?

    2. TornadoJo
  19. I wish are weather was like the north central us states.

  20. 'If the first week of August be warm, the winter will be white and long.'

    1. Cloud 10
    2. Sprites


      If the second week in october is dry, the fourth week in April the 19th of March will be hot and frosty.

  21. Living in the south of England is getting on my nerves now, no storms, no aurora, i got about an inch or 2 of snow this winter! im thinking of marrying a girl from Minnesota I just need to find me one! haha

    1. Eugene


      lol good luck in finding a pretty blonde girl from minnesota, there are plenty there

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      You'd probably find they want to move to the UK instead to avoid severe weather! lol

  22. Just seen a pair of Kites flying over my neighbourhood!! whoa!

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Nice! not seen any round here for 8yrs

    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Starting to see them round here again which is great, the Chilterns is the best place to go to see them http://www.redkites.net/section88639.html

  23. I love weather like this constant rain but in autumn...

    1. Eugene


      Sun has made an appearance here

    2. Milhouse


      And the rain has finally cleared from here. Looking forward to a drier and brighter late afternoon and evening.

  24. loving the rain! we really needed it!

    1. Milhouse


      Been raining for much of the day here. That should see us through the upcoming dry spell without things turing yellow.

    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Was a refreshing change :) Just wish it was a little more than 3.0mm though. The wind that followed soon dried everything out again

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