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  1. Very humid here with a few light drops of rain, bring on the storm....... if it happens.....?
  2. The humidity has moved in now, not much wind but the smell of my honeysuckle is floating through the air.
  3. The forecast absolutely tanked, what happened for today's storms up North?
  4. I have given up for this evening, so glad people down south had a good light show. It wasn't meant to be further north.
  5. Anyone North of a line between Brighton and Rochester I think its over for us.
  6. I so wish I could see the storms, Its just very humid and damp here.
  7. Does anyone else has aspergers? Thunderstorms significantly affect my mood, especially when they do not materialize for my area, it makes me feel horrible.
  8. Anybody else get their hopes up but it doesn't look good for your area?
  9. Like I said far South East is the place to be tonight. Unless some storms start firing west of IOW then most of the South East will be left disappointed.
  10. Anyone got a link to any live cams in the Geneva Area?
  11. https://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/muenchen-theresienwiese/57da81c9cebfc03a578b4568/
  12. Nasty looking storm coming into Munich right now. https://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/munich-city-center/51efa5fa990fd/
  13. Look at that wasted storm in the North Sea just off the coast of The Netherlands.
  14. Great pictures, I just wish you would have kept the sound of the thunder in. Nothing but light rain here but with large drops.
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