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  1. Can someone provide a breakdown of why the storms didn't occur?
  2. When the south gets hot temperatures the North get the best storms, anyone want to speculate? 2012 was one such occasion.
  3. After sweating for two weeks I welcome it, I lost night's of sleep only for nothing. Bring me the cold temps.
  4. I saw some of the lightning, missed me by miles, was hopeful for tonight. Not anymore.
  5. Had a slight shower, some thunder that's it. I hope we get some after dark strikes.
  6. Let's hope we can fire up some storms overnight, if not it will be a very hot period without storms whilst North of us get incredible storms and do not have to suffer the temperatures.
  7. The storm matured North of here and is spitting cgs like mad, some positve.
  8. Constant thunder here but is very elevated with no visible lightning.
  9. The storms keep dying South of here. What is stopping them going bang?
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