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  1. Just had a shower roll through which looked like it had a decent updraft but I didn't see any rotation.
  2. Can you please put your location into your profile please. It's so everyone can understand where your reports come from. Thank you.
  3. Looks like some destabilization is happening now. Lets hope it goes crazy for us southerners as a reward for almost 38c temperatures.
  4. Why have the most significant storms in the past 10 years been at night?
  5. Got a decent light show last night, wasn't expecting it until I looked on Blitz and saw storms had formed further east so I checked Meto and they had extended the warning further east. Most of the lightning was IC but two of them were positive which blinded me even though the lightning was a few miles away, the thunder was incredibly loud and deep.
  6. Because these were high based elevated storms, with most of the lightning being quite high up.
  7. It gives me anxiety, hope and depression all at the same time lol, its exciting but when its a bust I feel so down afterwards.
  8. Good luck everyone to the west, I can’t chase as I have a late shift tonight, hopefully we get something as well but I am not holding up hope.
  9. I used to film thunderstorms but I always felt like I had missed out because I was faffing with the settings, so now I just watch and enjoy!
  10. Rain pretty heavy now, I don’t hold much hope for lightning though.
  11. Its too hot, I don't mind mid 20s but this is too much. Not to mention no thunderstorms.
  12. I have only been on 3 cruises, two to the Caribbean and one to the med. I saw great thunderstorms on two of them but got caught in the wake of hurricane Irene on the third, I spent about 48 hours in my cabins bathroom because it was so rough. Both the Caribbean cruises I went on were with Carnival but I am not sure who I went with on the med cruise because the ship was a converted ferry named the Island Escape in the early 2000's.
  13. Also a lot of the storms that are active right now seem to be going in a southerly direction, from North America to Romania.... its quite strange.
  14. I was on a cruise ship in the Bahamas in 2012 that encountered a similar storm of epic proportions, the ship wasn't struck but the lightning was non stop.
  15. A lot of people are unfortunately going to die because of this weather, its scary.
  16. What is with the weather goes east and west but not down the middle? I think mother nature is rubbish at bowling. I wonder what it means for the upcoming weekend in regards to storms though?
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