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  1. Glad some people have got the rain that is needed but nothing here, oh well, better luck next time for me.
  2. Dry as a bone still. Temperature has dropped considerably though, all that heat and no fun for me.
  3. Had a few minutes of rain and a few rumbles but all has evaporated now and its insanely humid!
  4. Some rumbles of thunder and a bit of light rain but the drops where large.
  5. So the stuff west of London refuses to go up. Probably bed time for me.
  6. I can occasionally see lightning flashes reflected by the high clouds here in N.Watford from the storms North of here.
  7. Apparently north of the M25 is the best for storm development (Like always), keeping an eye on the stuff South West of London.
  8. I have had Muffins with sausage and eggs, I am ready for the storms but I highly doubt anything will trigger.
  9. All to many times have I seen convection build over London and then explode once it gets over the m25,
  10. Something seems to be blocking the the showers from rising? Is there still a cap at this time of night?
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