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  1. I can hear thunder from that storm heading north west.
  2. Does anyone know why storms in this area tend to be at night? The last few years nearly all of the thunderstorms have come during the late even into the early morning.
  3. Last nights storms where pretty good but we didn't get much rain, constant flickering but because the storms where elevated the thunder wasn't that loud. Hopefully today is rinse and repeat.
  4. Does anyone have a clue what might happen today? BBC news was pretty vague.
  5. Strong Tornado in Germany earlier near Viersen.
  6. that is a lot of lightning.
  7. Had some decent thunder here in Watford. All gone now, but its the earliest I have ever had a nighttime storm.
  8. Had some nice lightning around Watford, one was pretty close. Best April storm I have ever witnessed here, reminiscent of Summer storms. Not quite as violent as the summer storms but better then I could have ever imagined.
  9. You lucky lot! Send that stuff my way please!
  10. can see a large anvil looming on the horizon but not seen any lightning from it. Doesn't have the same oomph that it did earlier when it crossed the channel.
  11. Wind has picked up and the snow is blowing everywhere.
  12. I think it's going to miss our area completely, maybe a few flakes for the far west of the region. It's a shame I would to experience something like that but oh well, Mother Nature will do what she pleases.
  13. I live in the Meriden estate and we have a few cms here, the roads are totally covered as gritters do not come down my street.
  14. I am really surprised with the snow, in January we had very heavy wet snow that snapped a lot of trees in my area but this time because its so cold the snow is fluffy. The wind picks it up and blows it around. I haven't seen that before.
  15. What is going on with this snow I thought it was meant to stop during the day?
  16. Unfortunately the wind isn't great for us, looking better for this weekend.
  17. Snowing quite a lot here, the winds whipping it into almost blizzard like conditions.
  18. Its still snowing quite heavily here.
  19. Lots of big flakes falling, I hope that we dont lose more trees.
  20. We have lost a lot of trees in my area because the snow is so wet. Crazy.
  21. I haven't seen snow like this in years!
  22. Yep you are right sorry.
  23. The winds are coming from the South/ South West. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-355.35,48.42,3000