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  1. Snowing quite a lot here, the winds whipping it into almost blizzard like conditions.
  2. Its still snowing quite heavily here.
  3. Lots of big flakes falling, I hope that we dont lose more trees.
  4. We have lost a lot of trees in my area because the snow is so wet. Crazy.
  5. I haven't seen snow like this in years!
  6. Yep you are right sorry.
  7. The winds are coming from the South/ South West. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-355.35,48.42,3000
  8. Its showing on Blitzortung.
  9. The cam is about 20 to 40 miles north west of there, its the closest I could find because the cam in Kassel is currently behind the storms, thats why I gave it such a large time distance. http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/kassel-wilhelmshoehe-best-western-hotel/535f4e256dfe0/
  10. Gottingen will be in the firing line of those storms coming up from Frankfurt in the next 30 mins to 1 hour. http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/harz-torfhaus-harzresort/522ee4c3023ae/
  11. Nice storms close to Frankfurt also. http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/frankfurt-stadt-frankfurt-am-main/533298891af60/
  12. Dw found a good one! http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/lindau-lindauer-hof/53cc231e2ef5/
  13. You know of any WebCams around the St Gallen/Lake Constance area?
  14. I just remembered that I took a few pictures last night on my iPhone!
  15. Missed both MCS as they went just to the west and east of here last night but still got two decent thunderstorms with lightning every 20 to 30 seconds on the storm around 22:30 with the some of the most beautiful lightning I had ever seen, only CC though which made it really quite relaxing. I do not film thunderstorms anymore as I always felt I had missed out on the storm only to have some footage of lightning which I could easily find better footage online. The storm around 10pm had a gust front and it was quite strong for a few minutes, there was also a messy shelf cloud which freaked me out a bit as I could see vivid lightning above it with no sound of thunder. Overall a decent night here, I would have liked to experienced the '80's' type MCS that went well east of here but I can't complain!
  16. Aircraft are still flying from Heathrow
  17. Its still just North of the South Coast.
  18. The south coast is lighting up, bring it to me!
  19. Although saying that the storms to the south look quite intense, I hope they make it!
  20. Keep looking south you will see it.
  21. I have clear skies right now but I am seeing a lot of lightning to my south, I hope it makes it up here.
  22. I have seen 3 storms tonight, one way to my west, another quite close and now one far to the south! Its been a great night, Anyone know why the majority of storms in our areas occur at night?