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  1. Decided to wake up early and there is some heavy showers around but it is not worth going back to bed. I just want some thunder. 😅🤧
  2. Southern Norway is getting decent storm activity, yet some-how the UK always seems to fail.
  3. Nothing but rain here not even a flicker. Why do models always push too far west?
  4. Really hoping things East of Brighton pick up, I do not think it will just had some moderate rain for an hour or so. Muggy.
  5. Specific UK forecasts I never trust, I like an overal picture of European warnings and forecasts as you really cannot pin point locations until the last minute, general warning areas are ones to look out for.
  6. Very heavy rain for about 2 to 3 mins, nothing of note apart from my plants got a watering.
  7. Thought we would get a little thunder with these cells but just light rain despite looking pretty good.
  8. Had a very heavy shower with one clap of thunder, the clouds look very weird though.
  9. The storm just past me, elevated lightning so not really visible but constant rumbling thunder, really relaxing.
  10. Worst pattern for weather I have seen for a long time in SW Herts, only one bit of sferic activity in the first part of the year.
  11. My first thunder of the year happened tonight. Only one but it was the first one.
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