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  1. Does anyone want to explain to me why we get such high temperatures for nothing to happen and yet in the north they get storms, seems to happen a lot? 2012 was a great example? I don't want to give up yet but I cannot see any instability, still looks like the cap is firmly inplace?
  2. Chances of that lot intensifying? Just had rain here all afternoon.
  3. Probably. We had a bit of rain here in North Watford but nothing else.
  4. The storms seem to be a lot further east? Chances of a London area arrival?
  5. We all know what can happen with cape that high though, May 3rd 1999 comes to mind.
  6. I do not think storms will intiate for the Southeast today, looking at the estofex forecast. I would be pleased to be proven wrong.
  7. Had some lightning south of Watford, about an hour ago. Nothing for about for an hour.
  8. Any chance of those showers around North London into the Northern Home counties electrifying?
  9. I will ask this has anybody compared mid 90s storm setup charts to this week's?looking pretty unstable.
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