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  1. Snowing quite a lot here, the winds whipping it into almost blizzard like conditions.
  2. Its still snowing quite heavily here.
  3. Lots of big flakes falling, I hope that we dont lose more trees.
  4. We have lost a lot of trees in my area because the snow is so wet. Crazy.
  5. I haven't seen snow like this in years!
  6. Yep you are right sorry.
  7. The winds are coming from the South/ South West. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-355.35,48.42,3000
  8. Its showing on Blitzortung.
  9. The cam is about 20 to 40 miles north west of there, its the closest I could find because the cam in Kassel is currently behind the storms, thats why I gave it such a large time distance. http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/kassel-wilhelmshoehe-best-western-hotel/535f4e256dfe0/
  10. Gottingen will be in the firing line of those storms coming up from Frankfurt in the next 30 mins to 1 hour. http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/harz-torfhaus-harzresort/522ee4c3023ae/
  11. Nice storms close to Frankfurt also. http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/frankfurt-stadt-frankfurt-am-main/533298891af60/
  12. Dw found a good one! http://www.wetter.com/hd-live-webcams/deutschland/lindau-lindauer-hof/53cc231e2ef5/
  13. You know of any WebCams around the St Gallen/Lake Constance area?
  14. I just remembered that I took a few pictures last night on my iPhone!