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  1. I reckon Ricky Ponting has suddenly become a fan of a substitute...... Joe Roots negative,one dimensional captaincy though aaaaaaaargh.
  2. Selectors have just been possing about with the top order for so long it's going to cost us the ashes.
  3. Been really disappointed for us in west yorks but good luck to all. Kind of expected it from the nw storms missing us.
  4. The chance has gone for the area i highlighted. Seen this happen on numerous occasions. East and south east to benefit(locally)
  5. Yes harsh,hard to believe. Had a feeling though that once cooler air makes progress eastern England will benefit. Once we missed out on nw storms earlier I was sceptical
  6. Hope I'm wrong though lol. Radar watch for a couple of hrs though
  7. Think we're in the wrong place tbh. Storms in nw England pushing north then storms kicking off via the cooler air coming in will probably initiate storms for eastern England with us stuck in the middle. Heat going out with a whimper for us I'm afraid.
  8. Here on Bingley west yorks we had frequent cc lightening with decent forks but only a couple decent booms. Mainly gentle rumbles.Also had pea sized hail and heavy rain but seen worse. 6/10 for me.
  9. Well,I hope the winter pattern ahead gives the arctic a chance to partly recover this damage. Be interesting also to see what happens to to pattern change to late autumn/winter this brings us also.
  10. No wonder we suffer vitamin D deficiency in this country lol. It's been plain awful here in West Yorks. Stats probably wont back me up but feels like the worst June in my lifetime.
  11. All in all it's safe to say these charts are 3/4 months too late with a poor outlook over the next 7/10 days if its warmer weather you're after. Very dissappointed atm.
  12. A lovely sight see you post on this page Tamara. I for one(and others) have missed your evenly produced musings on here which has made this thread alot worse off. I have total respect for anybody's guidance on here,irrespective of their outcome findings. But you have been on the money more than most imho and i would really appreciate even a small snippet of your thoughts occasionally?. No probs if not.
  13. If you're after cold and snow,that chart is abysmal wuth the vortex just churning over Greenland. Westerly's will follow.
  14. They have been clever in their wording there. Not a clue like all of us.
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