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  1. Should be snow showers piling in from the west this evening and overnight into Tom morning. Winds start wnw then back westerly and -7 500s with us from late tonight until mid morn ish Tom. Lighter winds but conditions shouldn't be as conducive as Tues 're, big showers(not really big were they lol). We'll see,hopefully a streamer or two set up or enhanced pepping up?!?. What peeps thoughts?. Cape not as good also. Probably be better lol
  2. Time for a break. I'll give it a week on the model thread before the Russian high makes a return 5000 miles away with an easterly on the way. Europe simply has not been cold enough also this winter. Looking forward to the best cold synoptics that will cone to fruition......................in May.
  3. Yes if it come in 100 miles or so South. Otherwise just transient snow higher up.But at least the cold makes a return as it scoots through. It's not classic battleground for me. Classic battleground for me is strong Scandi high with lows making slow inroads from the sw giving copious amounts of snow.
  4. If all else fails roll out the faithful cfs lol.
  5. Good upgrade for you guys. Blow it 100 miles south lol.
  6. Last months feature looked good for us 5 days or so out then corrected South and blasted Midlands. Tonight's had some of us in sweet spot with corrections South but now moving north again(and last night).Lmao. Dales,northwards place to be imo and some of the higher hills a rad further south. If you're on low ground(200m below)Don't get excited. Edit-Just seen the amber warnings for ne England and Cumbria. That's a big jump north. Take a monumental shift South for most of us to benefit.
  7. I think north of Dales tonight looks sweet spot.. Need a good 70m South correction.
  8. Re tonight. Yes depends on the track of course but at the moment the heavier precipitation and evaporative cooling could be a plus if we're in the centre. If it tracks further south I think lower ground will be transient snow with it remaining on the hills. Again that's thinking positively but after so many busts,I'm not expecting much tbh.
  9. 2.5 deg here in Bingley with sleet. Showers just died a death here. Starting to melt. Not hopeful at all for tonight.
  10. 2.5 deg here and rainy sleet lol. Don't hold out much hope for tonight. I'm in west York's. Showers just died a death through night and though there was quite a few around.
  11. Hopefully see some thundersnow later . On a negative note,the street light bulb(5 yards from my house) as died a death. Would you believe that.No lamppost watching. Doh!
  12. We should get some big big showers tea time onwards,especially towards the west. All parameters are going the right way in the next couple of hours or so.
  13. Sorry mods,this made my day.Legritter this had me in stitches about your Late wife(bless her) and the dirt marks. Sorry,but told my wife and she totally understand where your missus came from lol. Hope there's plenty of curtain twitching going on for all next week.
  14. We'll eyes down for the 12z. Will they upgrade the cold shot or simply downgrade with time. Very interesting model watching for certain and what's moddeld to follow......very intriguing.