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    bingley,west yorks.81 absl
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    weather(cold and hot type) astronomy ,wine and the world turning cold! oh yey n cooking for the fam n friends whilst drinking wine n talking nonsense!!!!!! n lampost watching in winter x n a gud storm oh n beer ha

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  1. Would love a fair bit of that. Some nice frosts and fog chucked in.
  2. Apart from late spring this summer has been pants here in west yorks. So even if we get some good weather rest of August with temps low to mid 20s then that could rescue summer for me. I'm fairly optimistic that this coming month will serve up our best summer weather here up nw.
  3. I'm thinking/hoping that will phase with the low out west and help hold it there longer to bring a continental source for us late next week/weekend.
  4. 18.3 and 47mm. Slow start will lead to a cracker.
  5. Thankyou Tamara. Really interesting and informative are your thoughts.
  6. I'm in Bingley to to area west of the Leeds storm. Really eerie in that storms are developing all around me with constant rumbles to my west,south and east. No rain here atm but blackened skys all around. Brilliant is this even though nothing intense yet. Goodluck all
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