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    weather(cold and hot type) astronomy ,wine and the world turning cold! oh yey n cooking for the fam n friends whilst drinking wine n talking nonsense!!!!!! n lampost watching in winter x n a gud storm oh n beer ha

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  1. Should be ok by then I think most if not all precipitation will have died off.
  2. Yes especially with a big temp gradient between north and South of the fronts. Re,pepping up the precipitation. Then widespread snow showers sat eve overnight into Sunday.Bring it on.
  3. Shows a nice trough Saturday for most from the east.
  4. Probably say no to that. We've have a final warming all or most years and very rarely gives us hot se,e in summer. Plus the vortex in summer is very weak,non existent at times. That's just my amateur take.
  5. Heavy snow for 3 hrs here and still going.Couple of inches so far and only 71m asl. Big surprise.
  6. joggs

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Great week for a coldie last week and a fair bit of snow for most but boy, it signed off with a whimper.
  7. Fairly mod light snow here in Bingley but zilch showing on radar.Hills misted right in.Wierd.
  8. Seems to be exploding atm
  9. Carry on snowing for me.Dont want my grass to start growing lol.
  10. Se and east Ireland must be getting a pasting now.Some bright echoes showing on radar about to hit.
  11. A fair few flakes blowing in the wind here.
  12. My hunch is snow most of day but becoming light.
  13. Well,we all got in on the act. I said earlier this week,things pop up ect. Btw,meto have been w a n k this last 24 hrs 're warnings. Enjoy peeps,more to come.
  14. Very encouraging is the start to the evening on the radar.