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    weather(cold and hot type) astronomy ,wine and the world turning cold! oh yey n cooking for the fam n friends whilst drinking wine n talking nonsense!!!!!! n lampost watching in winter x n a gud storm oh n beer ha

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  1. Well I'm thinking a week to ten days of more unsettled weather before a settled spell rears its head again with the AZ H pushes in.
  2. We were fortunate to have a decent storm yesterday evening here in West Yorkshire, Bingley whilst England were playing. Alot of lightening and some deep thunder. Fortunately our area looks a great spot later this afternoon/evening again. Good luck all.
  3. I for one have enjoyed this cold mainly dry April. Looking for warmth now but hard to see any over the next couple of weeks. I'm dreading if a high sets up to our west this summer.
  4. Morning all. Has anybody heard from Tamara lately?. I really rate her musings on here as I know a fair few do.
  5. Obviously we have no proof of intelligent life out there but why would there just be us?.
  6. Tbh we view what we can on all models and generally have a idea which way the MO further forecasts are going. That's the way I read it. Glosea,mogreps, EC 46( which we can view) I understand they use?!?!?!?. Must've been a big flip over the last few days..... To what we've latched on on here with the ops and extended showing the way of travel. For me, the pro's know much more than us on here but we have a decent idea what's going to happen before they let on.
  7. Probably just cloud with a few flakes if it makes it to us. Sums this cold spell up lol.
  8. Nothing much for our region. Milder day by day Sunday onwards but mostly dry is the good news.
  9. Nothing much for our region. Milder day by day Sunday onwards but mostly dry is the good news.
  10. -5.5 here. Nice couple winters days ahead for me then mild southerlys pick up. Could feel very mild later next week. Not much sign of this block holding that firm now for us. Poor, poor way to end this cold spell. I'm ready for spring now tbh so that means best of snow to come lol.
  11. Well if meto stick to their guns today re cold persistent in n and e then cold again everywhere it could get interesting especially after just viewing the gfs 6z.
  12. Who is up for the form horse????? A cloudy breakdown to milder weather next week😂🤣😅🤣
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