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  1. nzstorm

    Stormchaser Chicken George Day 1

    Impressive to get two tornadoes at once. Makes a great photo!
  2. SPC have done a tornado upgrade to 15%.
  3. nzstorm

    Chase Day 8 - Big Day in OK, KS, NE

    Looking at the satellite I am getting the impression the recovery will come into SW Oklahoma a lot sooner than further north.
  4. nzstorm

    2015 Virtual Storm Chase Thread

    Better looking moisture in the southern target, dp 18-19C. I think I would want to be on the southern target right now.
  5. nzstorm

    2014 Chasing outlook

    Braums are great. Reed Timmer tweets he is doing a series for the BBC in 2014.
  6. nzstorm

    2014 Chasing outlook

    I would be inclined to chase the northern part of the mod risk area in Missouri. Looks to be less mid level moisture further north and less trees as well.
  7. nzstorm

    2014 Chasing outlook

    Early indications are certainly for too much capping Saturday and not enough capping Sunday! With 700mb temps of 10C modelled for Saturday evening you would have to say any storm activity would be elevated. Sundays storms will be surface based for sure.
  8. nzstorm

    2014 Chasing outlook

    Current pattern looks dreadful for chasing in USA. I'm struggling to see how the pattern will becoming more amplified in May if this is the way it looks in March. But I am not a meteorologist or an expert on US weather. I do suspect the northern plains could do well with a more active polar jet in June due El Nino?
  9. Yes, a great series to watch. But S01 was better in my opinion but S02 still great to watch.
  10. nzstorm

    2014 Chasing outlook

    Feb/Mar can produce good precip so lets hope that happens. Dry conditions in the panhandle promotes high based storms and a lot of blowing dust. Not ideal for tornadoes.
  11. nzstorm

    2014 Chasing outlook

    The Texas Panhandle is overdue to get active again and this could be the year.
  12. Interesting tornado report. Looking like a low CAPE supercell event.
  13. nzstorm

    2013 Chasing Season

    Certainly an active weekend coming up but longer range models look more positive with a more mobile pattern by the looks.
  14. nzstorm

    2013 Chasing Season

    Last year the season was early, this year the season looks late. I have always liked the last 10 days of May, a good period for producing some action. From memory it was 2004 when the season was late and big. The 2005 season was late as well with June the tornadic month.