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  1. US won't be opening its borders easily in my opinion. Covid19 looks out of control in the USA and a vaccine is needed. And I suspect the border won't open until many months after a vaccine has been introduced. I hope we can chase 2021.
  2. Cloud

    Tour 3 2020

    I can't see any international flights starting up again until there is a vaccine. Everything is shutdown here in New Zealand as it is in the UK. Very odd times.
  3. Vortex 2 were apparently having a rest day that day as the tornado probs looked low.
  4. Any decent sunny periods will trigger robust thunderstorm activity central to northern England.
  5. Looks like altocumulus castellanus in above photos which is elevated convection above the cap.
  6. I think Kent is the best bet for a late evening thunderstorm. Elevated storms can be tricky to predict but steepest lapse rates in that direction.
  7. The first surface based warm sector storm of the day is currently developing SE of Lubbock. Let the show begin!
  8. Quite a wide swath with a tornado risk so that should spread storm chasers out and reduce chaser convergence. The strong upper level shear means tornadoes could move rapidly.
  9. Dangerous part of the set up looks Texas panhandle into western Oklahoma.
  10. From what I remember of the roads in western and central Nebraska, not a lot of options for chasing.
  11. Surface dewpoint around 17C in the Texas Panhandle Tuesday. That is a good tornado signal.
  12. Flash flooding in the mix as well. I suspect cloud/precip could limit the full tornado potential by blocking out day time heating?
  13. Impressive to get two tornadoes at once. Makes a great photo!
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