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  1. Been quiet in here today. Just back from work in Newport. Its - 2 there, - 7.4 here. Ice everywhere. Still pretty white up here, not much melt.
  2. One of those occasions where altitude didn't really matter. We got about 3 inches in Brynmawr, same as most places. It snowed from 4pm yesterday and was heavy at times, but the flakes were so small. Snow is very dry and blowy. All schools in Blaenau Gwent are closed today.
  3. Happy for you Jay. We prob have the same amount.
  4. Awesome, you are usually unlucky with snow so happy you got some ?
  5. about the same way up here in Brynmawr. Its been heavy fine snow all night.
  6. heavy light snow in Brynmawr. It could snow like this all night and we wouldnt get an inch
  7. Thank you Steve, followed you since the old bbc snowwatch days ?
  8. As I live in Brynmawr, that's music to my ears lol. Good luck tomorrow ?
  9. I remember that winter, the white christmas.. I was the General Manager at Odyssey Nightclub on Wind St, snow started on Black Friday night around 10pm, I left Swansea at around 4am to drive home to Newport, where I lived at the time, took me 8 hours. Was terrible conditions on M4
  10. -5.7 here in Brynmawr at the moment with a dew point of -5.9 degrees. Humidity 99%. There is a link on my signature if anybody wants to know the temp in my location.
  11. Thanks guys , hopefully we all get some snow this week. ?
  12. absolutely lol, thought with my altitude it would easily be snow but hey ho. Got 4 upset kids lol, not including me haha
  13. Showing snow on radar in Brynmawr but its mostly rain with the odd flake mixed in.
  14. Hey Lindy, never feel desperate lol. i'm 45 and a big kid with snow, back and fore the window, open the door, check my cameras lol. My wife thinks i'm a child haha
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